Netflix: Test new features or prohibit testing

 What Is Netflix?

Netflix is ​​constantly tinkering not only Official Video with its program but also with new features. From time to time, the streaming service tries out new functions on some of its users and uses the results to decide whether the changes will become a fixed part of the program or not. You are free to decide whether you would like to become Skyway Capital a Netflix guinea pig or not. Either way, you should at least check whether test participation is activated in your Netflix account or not.

This Is How You Activate The Netflix Tests Or Switch Them Off

To take part in the Netflix tests, you must log into your Netflix account in a browser . Then you proceed as follows:

  1. Click on your profile button in the top right and then on Account.
  2. Click on the Test Participation link at the bottom of Settings in the account area.
  3. Here you can now use the switch to specify whether you want to take part in the Netflix tests or not.

Once you have confirmed the change by clicking Done, the settings will be applied to your Account. You may not notice any difference at first. Netflix does not always communicate whether and to what extent tests for new functions are currently underway. There are also general studies that Netflix conducts, independent of voluntary test participation.

By participating, however, you will sooner or later gain access to new functions that may not make it into the real Netflix experience until much later, or maybe not at all. I have fun with something like that and have been involved for a long time. But if that’s not for you, you can opt out of the Netflix test program anytime.

Netflix Tests Briefly Explained: The Beta Program Of The Streaming Service

You can imagine the Netflix tests a bit like beta versions of apps. If you choose to do so, you may be able to enjoy new features sooner. “Possibly” because – unlike, for example, an iOS beta – it is not always clear, despite the promise, whether you will be selected for a test and what exactly it is about. Netflix doesn’t send you a notification (at least in my experience); it just introduces new features in the interface or search algorithm that you might not even notice.

The changes can be subtle, like a different layout of the preview tiles or a different placement of the rating thumbs. Some innovations, such as the recently introduced double thumb, have a greater impact on the customer experience. Our account was part of the thumb test program; the third rating option appeared on our TV a few weeks earlier than with friends.

In a very detailed blog post, the streaming service explains what the A/B tests are all about. The article is a bit older but still up-to-date and well worth reading – if necessary, hunt through DeepL if you are not quite adept at English tech jargon. A second article with further information was published in 2021, and the trilogy was completed in 2022 – at least so far.

By Williumson

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