Information on Pistachio Farming in India with Guidance

Pistachios are cultivated as dry fruits. Its plant commonly develops like other plants. Once it is ready, it yields for many years, in which the pistachio fruit is used in many ways to eat and from its grains. Oil is also obtained. Diseases like diabetes, pistachio sugar and heart attack can be controlled by consuming pistachios.

Below you get proper guidance of Pistachio Farming in India:

Soil, Climate & Temperature

A particular type of land is required for the cultivation of pistachios. For its cultivation, a slightly alkaline land is needed. It should not be cultivated in the waterlogged ground because water logging causes many plant diseases. Between 7 and 8, P.H. land is considered suitable for its cultivation. Moreover, the Mahindra tractor is best for completing all tasks of farming and it has durability to perform multitasking in the fields. Also, its price is affordable for marginal farmers.  

Pistachio plants have a warmer climate, and the friendly and temperate climate is considered the most appropriate for their cultivation. Besides the warm atmosphere, its plant also develops well in the winter. But the frost that falls in the winter season harms the plants. On the other hand, its plants can tolerate drought easily, so plants usually grow even in less rain.

Field Preparation & Fertiliser 

Before growing the pistachio crop, its field is prepared correctly. For this, the soil of the area is initially deeply ploughed with turning ploughs, due to which the remnants of the old crop in the field are destroyed. After shoving, the field is left open like this for some time. Then, the area is pulverised by applying water. After ploughing, when the soil of the field starts appearing dry from above, during that time, two to three slant ploughing of the domain is done by applying a rotavator.

Due to this, there is no problem like water logging in the area. After levelling the field, the pits are prepared for planting seedlings, keeping a distance of 5 to 6 meters. These pits are designed one meter wide and two feet deep.

Right Time & Method of Planting 

Pistachio seeds are planted in the form of seedlings. The seeds are prepared in the nursery by the grafting or grafting method. If farmer brothers want, they can also buy plants from any government-registered company. The plants purchased should be healthy. After this, these plants must be planted in the pits prepared in the field. Before planting, a small pit is made in the prepared holes, and these pits are treated with the appropriate amount of cow urine or Bavistin.

Due to this, there is no problem with the growth of the plants. The plants are removed from the polythene and transplanted in the treated pits. After transplanting, the plant is well covered with soil from all sides.


Pistachio plants do not require much irrigation, but initially, more irrigation is needed for plant growth. Irrigation of its plants is done twice a week in the summer season, while in the winter season, water the plants at an interval of 15 to 20 days. Irrigate the plants only when needed during the rainy season. When the pistachio plant is entirely ready, its tree must be watered 5 to 6 times a year. In addition, the Eicher tractor is also reliable and durable and famous for its robust features. In this tractor model you got many advanced specifications at minimum cost. 

Weed Control 

To get control of weeds in pistachio plants, only the weeding method is used; removal of weeds by chemical process causes damage to the plants. The first hoeing of its plants is done about 25 to 30 days after transplanting, and the subsequent hoeing must be done within two to three months. Its complete grown plant requires two to three hoeing in a year.

Plant Care

Good yield can be obtained by taking proper care of pistachio plants. Initially, do not let any branches grow on their plants up to one meter. This keeps the stem of the plant vigorous. When the plant grows, its components must be cut and separated, so the whole plant gets sunlight well.

After this, when the fruit starts coming on the plant, during that time, the flowers are pruned every year before they bloom. In this, diseased and dry branches are removed, due to which new components are formed on the plant, and the yield is also good.


Pistachio plants take 6 years to get ready, but 10 to 12 years must wait to get a good yield. When the peel is seen coming off from its fruits, during that time, the fruits should be plucked. An average yield of 8KG can be obtained from one tree at a time.

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