Elevator Branding

As long as your media, as well as message, are in alignment, elevator advertising offers brands a singular chance to grab consumers’ attention throughout the customer journey, from knowledge to conversion.

Using the elevator is a daily habit for customers who reside in high-rise apartments or condos. It serves as both their last stop before going to bed and their first stop after leaving the house.

Elevator advertising gives advertisers a special chance to reach a large audience of those customers, regardless of whether they are about to make a purchase or have never heard of your brand.

We’ll discuss how products can use Elevator Branding to keep their target audience interested throughout the entire customer journey in this article. But first, let’s define the customer journey precisely.

Advertising in elevators for every stage of your buyer journey

The messaging, as well as creativity, can be changed more easily with elevator advertising than with almost any other out-of-home medium. You can boost sales at the bottom of the funnel by moving customers from one stage to the next with the aid of advertisements created specifically for each stage of the customer funnel.


lift door advertising is a fantastic way to introduce your brand to a new audience and capture their interest at the awareness level.

lift advertising Company can assist in attracting the attention of consumers who are difficult to reach, as opposed to other forms of OOH advertising that might compete with one another in a crowded city square or along a busy highway. These advertisements are an easy and efficient way to introduce your company to a huge audience.

Additionally, given that it typically takes seven exposures for a product to be remembered, elevator advertisements can help elevate your company’s name in the minds of elevator users within a short period.


When you get to the interest stage, your audience should have ideally started to recognize you.

Your advertisements should provide your audience with interesting and helpful content so that you can gain their trust.

Addressing your audience’s needs and problems directly will demonstrate your understanding of them. Making sure you speak to your viewer when they are most at ease is one way to achieve this. And their residential lift is a good place to start.

Elevator advertisements are one of the best because many people use them to get to and from their homes every day, becoming a natural part of the environment for residents. In these residential elevators, valuable announcements are shared in the advertising space. For instance, building notices are frequently distributed in the elevator, informing residents of important information like maintenance issues.

We can infer from this that residents are attentive to what is displayed on the elevator screen in their building. In other words, it’s a fantastic chance to gently pique interest in your brand.


The time is now to persuade your viewers that your service or product can and will alleviate their problems and enhance their lives.

Because they feel most at ease and have access to all the data they require at home or work, many people, as is well known, make decisions in these settings. The distinction between office and personal has become somewhat blurred as a result of COVID-19’s changes to the way we work. As a result, businesses have a rare chance to sway consumer choices by focusing their advertising on specific times and places. For instance, people will inevitably start thinking about their evening plans when they get home from work or finish working from home. Restaurants that offer delivery should now have advertisements in residential elevators.

You can display brief quotes from customer reviews in addition to advertisements for your company. There may be someone in those reviews that your audience can identify with, which can ease any pre-purchase concerns.

In turn, that will assist them in progressing to the following funnel stage and the last component of the AIDA model.


You’re talking to warm-up leads, so converting them to buying your product, and visiting your store is your marketing and business goals.

Offering a special, time-limited deal is a great way to make that tough sale. In elevator advertising, this might entail giving out an easy-to-remember coupon code or simply saying, “Mention this advertisement when you come into our store for a free coffee cup with purchase.”

Action is the focus of this stage, so whichever message you choose, make sure to make it as simple as probable for prospects to convert from potential customers to actual customers.

Utilize elevator advertising to contact prospects at various points in the customer journey.

Overall, at-home elevator advertising provides businesses with an exciting platform to interact with audiences throughout the user journey, from their very first interaction with a brand until they convert and even beyond.

Vertical Impression provides advertisers with advertisement placements through a network of elevator screens using the power of lift ads to engage more customers throughout the marketing funnel.

Our platform was designed to deliver truly outstanding digital out-of-home advertisements.

By Williumson

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