A mixed fraction is a type so fraction, where there is a whole number multiplying with the quotient and the remainder. It is a combination of a whole number and a whole number. The fraction calculator online can readily convert the mixed fraction into a proper fraction. Students do find the solution of the mixed fraction difficult to find, as they are not able to understand what is the quotient and what is the remainder in the mixed fraction. The calculator-online.net provides a complete platform for the students to learn the various types of fractions. We can learn how to divide and multiply the mixed fraction by the dividing fractions calculator.

How can we explain the mixed fraction?

First of all, it is important to learn what is the mixed fraction and what are its various parts. You can learn the addition and multiplication of mixed fractions if we are going to recognize the various parts of the mixed fractions. The various parts of the mixed fractions are:

Consider a mixed fraction:


Now learn that the whole number is “5” in the fraction and “6” is the quotient and there is a remainder “3” in this fraction. These three parts should be in our consideration when learning the mixed fraction by the fraction calculator online. If we are learning the multiplication or division of the mixed fraction first we have to learn the whole concept by the multiple fraction calculator online.

How to convert the mixed fraction:

Step 1:

For example, consider the mixed fraction:

2(⅓), 3(⅔)  are the mixed fractions, then how to convert the fraction into an improper fraction:

2(⅓) =




When we are able to convert the fraction into an improper fraction then it is possible for us to find the multiplication, division, addition, or subtraction of the mixed fraction. The remaining part of the fraction solution is the same as we are going to solve the improper fraction.

Step 2:

When we are able to make the denominator equal, we have used the Least common multiple in this example.


2(⅓) =




We don’t need to make the denominator equal as these are actually equal:

For the subtraction:


For the addition:


For multiplication:


For division:


Step 3:

Consider another example, which has different denominators like as:

5(3/6) and 6(3/8), now both the mixed fraction would become:

33/6 and 51/8

At this stage, we need to find the LCM of the fraction, which is 48in this case, to make an equivalent fraction. We need to multiply the first fraction by the “8” to both the numerator and the denominator. On the other hand, the second fraction is multiplied by the “6” on both sides.

33/6 =[33/6][8/8]=264/48

and 51/8=[51/8][6/6]=306/48

Now we have equal denominators of both the fractions, and we are able to readily find the subtraction, multiplication, addition, and multiplication by the fraction calculator online. The mixed fractions are difficult for the students to understand, but it can be easy if they are going to learn all the parts of the mixed fraction. Mixed fractions are one of the most commonly utilized concepts in the field of mathematics and we are going to use them to solve various questions.

By Williumson

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