Home Service App Categories

Home service has emerged as an important business category in recent times. In the past, people or experts with such skills used to roam around in residential areas to find work. It was not just physically tiresome, but they also found limited work opportunities. On the other hand, homeowners had to wait for the technician or experts when they needed the service.

The technology has connected the service providers with those who need it. Developing a home service app is a perfect opportunity to recruit various experts and technicians and let users pick the service they need. Adding more services to the app will help you grow the network and offer more ease to expert workers as well as users.

Dig deeper into the details of this article to explore home service app categories you can include to offer more options and ease to the target audience.

Top 8 Types of Home Service Apps You Should Know

Small businesses like laundry, electricians, and other technicians often face difficulty finding work or managing the workload. Developing an app and letting the users follow a proper method to book appointments will ensure everyone gets quality service on time.

Here are the major types of home service apps you should know about to offer comprehensive solutions to the target audience.

1. Home Cleaning Service

Home cleaning service is one of the major categories and types you can include in your app. You can offer features for cleaning the overall home or specific sections. You can also allow users to pick specific days and times or offer monthly subscriptions. You can also use the app to connect workers with people who need the service. App development requires expert skills. This is why many organizations contact a mobile app development company in Dubai and let them take care of all their needs and concerns and provide a perfect app.

2. Laundry Service

One of the most popular home service app categories is the laundry service. Although technology has made enough progress in offering automatic washing machines, they are often quite expensive. Including laundry service in your home service app will help you target more and more users. You can offer various services like dry cleaning, blanket, quilt, carpet washing, etc., and offer more choices to the users. You can also offer to pick and drop to maximize ease and convenience.

3. Home Repair Service

Home repair service is another essential category for your home service app. Some of the most common repair services required at home are plumbing, carpentry, and electric work. Office and other setups also require such services on and off. So, you will be able to reach a huge target audience. You can even offer a car maintenance service and help users book an appointment or technician when feasible for them.

4. Gardening Service

Climate change is on the rise. This is why the general public has become more conscious of growing greenery around their place. Gardening is also an interesting hobby. However, it needs enough time and attention to offer fruitful results. Offering gardening service in your home service app will help people use the available space to grow a beautiful garden. Your app can offer choices in terms of plants and weekly or monthly care package subscriptions.

5. Pet Care Service

Pets have become an essential part of every home. Most people work nine to five jobs which means they either have to leave the pet alone at home or drop them at some care center. Most people are quite possessive of their pets and do not like the idea of leaving them somewhere. An app for pet care services can target pet owners and offer multiple care options. The app can also connect the owners with vets and help them get expert consultation whenever needed.

6. Pest Control Service

Pest control service is another critical category you can include in your home service app. If you think that pests were only common in the past, you are wrong. A significant majority of people suffer while finding pest control treatments or services. Developing an app to offer this service will offer help to many. You can include further categories about the type of pests and control measures, so the users can pick what seems suitable.

7. Home Appliance Repair Service

Home appliance repair service is the last app category that will prove most popular and handy. Modern homes are full of all sorts of appliances, and the most common are AC, refrigerator, microwave, water purifiers, and geysers. People face too much hassle when they do not work fine. You can develop an app to let them book a service and get a timely response. You can contact mobile app development experts to get the app with all the necessary features and start getting an order from people who need the service.

Do you need a home service app?

You can develop a home service app and manage various services and experts to help users who need the service. If you cannot develop an app, contact professional app development companies to get one and see remarkable growth in the demand for your services.

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