healthcare cloud security

In a world where lives can be resting on the outcome of an electronic health record system, it is no wonder that healthcare providers have felt vulnerable when faced with cyber-attacks. From medical records being targeted by criminals looking for profit or disruption through ransomware. All this adds up to some very real consequences in terms of patient care and enterprise continuity planning alike.

The end of 2020 saw a global 45% increase in attacks on healthcare organizations. These criminals are even ramping up their attempts as we close in on 2021, with the pandemic’s disruption giving way to new opportunities for them.

The cloud was a major advantage over the last year and will be increasingly important in years to come. Despite these challenges, practitioners still need to continue developing their digital capabilities when it comes down mostly to on-premise solutions that are not flexible enough for today’s workforce who work remotely regularly due to changes at home or abroad with different time zones.

Following are some challenges that healthcare cloud security faces in today’s time.

Handling Cloud Issues

The complexity of integrating new cloud assets with on-premise infrastructure can be a challenge for well-established organizations. This extra layer distortion adds an additional level that is difficult to navigate, especially when it comes to hybrid environments where old data needs migration over too. This becomes even more complicated if there are many different types or versions in use already.

It’s easy to get complacent when you feel your firm is protected by strong security measures. But this mindset will only lead us astray. The reality of cyberattacks means that even a secure perimeter cannot stop all harm from coming onto our networks and if something does make it past these initial defenses, there are few things more damaging than gaining full access into another company’s systems.

Firms should instead adopt inward-focused strategies which center on identifying vulnerabilities before they become threats.

The healthcare industry is facing an uphill battle when it comes to preventing user credentials from being leaked or abused. That’s because criminals increasingly use phishing and other tactics for theft, while insiders within organizations can also pose as threats by having access privileges that let them wreak havoc on your organization if they’re disgruntled with work conditions etc.

External Threat Issue

Healthcare providers are at risk from the people who produce their goods and services. The healthcare industry has long been vulnerable to external threats, but now it’s even more so thanks in large part because of cloud computing which makes managing relationships easier than ever before but also increases vulnerabilities by allowing for remote access across various networks without any single point-of-use solution.

Compliance Issues

Healthcare firms have been subject to higher levels of regulatory scrutiny this year, with more data security incidents being reported by them so far than other sectors. This is largely due to the fact that they are operating in an environment where it’s difficult for individuals and organizations alike to maintain compliance when regulations like GDPR or HIPAA exist – but just achieving these high standards does not mean your company has achieved a great deal beyond them.

Mitigating Risk

Identity security is the key to any company’s success. Criminals are increasingly using phishing techniques, which can put not just your users but also employees at risk of identity theft or manipulation.

The best way for businesses to immediately improve their cybersecurity? Protecting yourself with strong passwords and two-step authentication on all accounts that offer it will keep you safe from these hackers who want nothing more than access in order to steal sensitive information like credit card numbers.

Implementing multi factor authentication is a really good way to make sure that your account isn’t being legitimately accessed by someone else. MFA should be applied any time you have sensitive information or access network assets, like VPNs and webmail.

Healthcare companies need to ensure that their suppliers have adequate security measures in place. Security is only as strong as the weakest link, so healthcare providers should be sure they’re getting top-notch service from those who provide it for them.

By Williumson

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