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Top 11 Responsibilities!

Elderly caregivers can provide a variety of services depending upon the needs and health of the senior. Some of the duties that home caregivers are responsible for include basic cleaning, grocery shopping, mobility, management of appointments and medicines, etc.

If you think that you are not able to provide essential care to your elderly loved one, you may provide them assisted live-in care. Aging brings various health and physical challenges. Elderly caregiver make everyday living easier for seniors by providing them with the required care, assistance, and comfort.

Who Are Home Caregivers?

Home caregivers are individuals who take care of the health and comfort of a person who needs help and assistance to carry out his everyday activities. Seniors often need extra care and support when they have an illness or a chronic disease. Conditions like injury, memory loss, and surgery, make it difficult for seniors to perform their daily chores.

This is the time when in-home caregivers come to their rescue. You must know the level of support and assistance your aging loved one needs. Considering the health conditions, physical stamina, and medications of the senior, you can hire home caregivers with the required skills.

Home Caregivers’ Job and Responsibilities:

Everyday tasks of elderly caregivers may not be the same each day. But some of the basic duties are to be performed regularly. Below are the responsibilities of home caregivers:

1.    Companionship:

Companionship is very important for a person at every age. It is a very critical aspect of caregiving and we often ignore it. As we age, unstable emotions and a sense of loneliness lead to various health concerns like depression, anxiety, panic attacks, etc. All of these greatly affect the life quality of seniors.

Caregivers for the elderly form a reliable bond and connection with the seniors and strengthen their ability to manage emotions by allowing them to speak and share anything they want. Home caregivers can also help seniors to adopt new hobbies and promotes socializing.

In-home caregivers are reliable companions for seniors to get emotional and physical support.

2.   Takes Care of Medical Needs:

Monitoring the health condition of seniors is a very critical yet important home caregivers’ responsibility. Elderly caregivers keep a record of medical appointments and manage upcoming appointments. In addition, the professional also checks up on everyday medication and reports health differences, if found.

3.  Makes A Care Plan:

Making a plan before caregiving is very important. It helps you understand what things you will be taking care of and how. Assessing the needs of your aging loved one helps the caregiver to achieve and optimize health goals and also makes assisted living easier.

A plan usually includes the current health condition, injury, chronic illness, etc., how many hours the senior needs live-in care, and how the caregiver can ensure the safety and comfort of your loved one.

4.   Assistance in Everyday Activities:

It is very common among seniors that they face difficulty in performing everyday tasks on their own. These include dressing, bathing, toileting, brushing, eating, etc. Aging makes it harder for seniors to even manage their basic needs. Home caregivers provide the required assistance to seniors to perform all these tasks while ensuring comfort and security.

5.    Helps in Housekeeping:

Managing a home can become very tiresome in old age. Health concerns increase the difficulty to manage a home. Caregivers for the elderly can help in light housekeeping. Doing the dishes, putting the garbage out, vacuum cleaning the house, yard cleaning, laundry, snow shoveling, and other home maintenance are all things a home caregiver can handle for a senior.

6.    Keeps A Check on Medications:

Seniors are often prescribed a lot of medications to treat different ailments. It becomes difficult for seniors to keep track of their medicines and manage the prescribed dosage.

Home caregivers understand the prescription and make sure that the dosage is being followed and taken at the right time. The risk of not taking medicines or overdosage can be minimized with a live-in caregiver.

7.    General Health Monitoring:

Although caregivers for the elderly cannot do an in-depth regular checkup of the patient they are qualified enough to monitor and perform basic health care.

Patients with diabetes or high blood pressure need to monitor their blood and sugar levels on daily basis. If home caregivers see any alteration or sudden variation, they are required to seek professional medical help.

8.    Meal Preparation & Grocery Shopping:

Meal prep becomes very problematic in old age. Seniors don’t have enough energy or motivation to cook. In some cases, they are prescribed to follow a specific diet plan which they find harder to follow. Cooking also becomes unsafe when a senior has visual difficulty or stability issues.

Home caregivers can help seniors plan their grocery shopping and prepare their meals. Live-in caregivers also take care of the nutritional needs of your loved ones and can find healthy snacking alternatives.

9.    Helps in Mobility:

Falls are common among seniors and can risk their life. If your loved one faces difficulty in moving, walking, or transferring from the bed onto the chair, a caregiver can help in mobility while ensuring the safety of your loved one.

10.     Manage Transportation:

As you age, traveling through public transport or driving can become a big hassle and doesn’t guarantee protection. You can opt for caregivers for the elderly who provide transportation and can safely take your loved one to clinics, parks, and grocery stores.

11.      Evaluate Care Plan Regularly:

As situations can change inevitably, elderly caregivers evaluate and adjust the care plan regularly to meet the care requirements of your loved ones and to assess what works best. He stays in touch with the patient’s doctor and makes necessary changes for the well-being of the senior.

12.  Event Planning:

Elderly caregivers help seniors socialize and plan their events. It nurtures relationships and promotes friendliness. Home caregivers can help seniors in planning guest lists, meals, shopping, and managing event.

Book An Assessment to Get in Home Caregivers!

In-Home caregivers provide a range of services and if you are unable to provide essential care to your senior, you must schedule an evaluation with a caregiver provider. Caregivers for the elderly maintain the standard of living while ensuring the well-being and safety of their aging loved ones.

A caregiver is a compassionate, flexible, and committed professional who has required healthcare knowledge along with great communication skills.

Considracare offers high-quality live-in care services for your loved ones!

By Williumson

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