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Vaping has become extremely popular recently, and this trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The steady stream of beginner-friendly vaping devices that are released by the manufacturers each year is the strongest indication of it. The varieties of Volt Bar vapes being created are one of the greatest ways that the beginner’s segment of the vaping market has changed recently. While pre-filled pod-based devices were previously the most popular vapes for newcomers, today’s new vapers are more likely to choose between refillable pod devices and disposable devices.

This post is for you if you’re still trying to decide between pod vapes and disposable vapes for your first vaping device. It turns out that there are big distinctions between the two kinds of vapes. Let’s find out more.

What Are Pod Vapes and Disposable Vapes?

Let’s define the two types of devices first before comparing how pod vapes and disposable vapes differ from one another.

  • An instantaneously usable, single-use vaping device is referred to as a throwaway vape. A disposable vape may last 200 to more than 3,000 puffs, depending on the device’s capacity. A disposable vape must be completely replaced when the e-liquid runs out.
  • A portable, refilling vaping device called a pod system is small. It keeps its e-liquid in a plastic pod that may be removed. The best pod vapes are often made such that the majority of novice vapers will find them simple to use, even though pod systems do require some maintenance.

Please take note that this page solely discusses refillable pod vapes. Although pre-filled pod systems are still readily available, disposable vapes have mostly taken their place in most markets.

Comparing disposables with pod vapes

The steady influx of beginner-friendly vaping devices that keep flooding the market each year is proof that the tremendous rise in popularity of vaping in recent years shows no signs of slowing down. Pod vapes revolutionised the market by giving users a simple, hassle-free, and portable alternative to larger standard devices.

Pod vapes like JUUL were at the forefront of the vaping sector for years and are still widely used today, but they now have a new competitor in the form of disposables. Disposable vapes like the Geek Bar, which took convenience and ease of use to a whole new level, rapidly became everyone’s favourite way to Voltbar vape after being introduced.

Prefilled pod vapes and disposables are certainly on your list of options if you’re new to vaping and looking for your first device. Which one, though, is best for you? To choose the ideal e-cigarette for you and your lifestyle, read on as we examine the main distinctions that set these devices different from one another.

Why Might a Refillable Vape Be Right for You?

Do you need a refillable vape? These are the most frequent explanations given by users for switching from disposable to refillable vapes.

  • Better performance is offered by refillable vapes. A refillable device will likely make you happier if you’re currently using a disposable vape with the maximum nicotine level of 20 mg/ml and aren’t completely content because you’ll obtain greater vapour clouds.
  • A wider variety of flavours are available with refillable vapes. Only a small number of the hundreds of vape juice flavours now on the market are offered in disposable vapes.
  • Refillable vapes cost less money. You can merely buy extra e-liquid rather than replace your complete gadget each time you run out of it.
  • Vapes that can be refilled are better for the environment. Your disposable Voltbar vapes will end up in landfills if you don’t recycle them, and lithium-ion batteries are bad for the environment.

Invest in disposable or reusable vapes as per your individualistic needs!

By Williumson

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