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A toddler running around the room never fails to evoke a mix of emotions. As a mother, you remember the day your baby was placed in your arms, the day your baby took the first steps, and first said, mama. The anxiety of the first fever, the night cries, and the emergency room visits. You have been there for every event, and you have been great. You have met every challenge head-on and shared every victory with your baby.  The reward of great mums is a new adventure. Your baby and you are preparing for daycare. If you are seeking information to win your latest challenge, this is your article.

Gradual Introduction

Gradual introduction to daycare is best for your toddler. Toddlers get anxious when they are in unfamiliar places. They respond by clinging to what is familiar. A few minutes after, they explore the new area and begin to enjoy themselves. Mums have seen this behavior with your toddler several times.  Introducing your baby to the daycare takes advantage of this natural behavior. A toddler visiting the daycare for the first time will likely not leave your side. A second and third visit to the daycare will render the daycare safe for your toddler.

A gradual introduction of your toddler to the staff of the daycare serves the same purpose. A toddler could be friendly or shy, no matter a toddler’s personality, prior exposure to the daycare staff will improve acceptance of the daycare. Letting your baby meet the other kids in the daycare can also be a good idea. The gradual introduction is done over a couple of weeks or months, the duration depends on your schedule.

Daily Routine

Your toddler needs to need a daily routine to fit the daycare schedule. A daily routine is great for both you and your baby. It brings much-needed order to a generally chaotic world. With a daily routine, you always know what to do next. A daily routine that mimics the hours your baby will spend in the daycare greatly enhances your baby’s adjustment.

A daily routine is based on the idea that chaos causes discomfort and anxiety for a child. Familiar events ensure stability which makes a child relatively comfortable. Once you have a daily routine similar to the day-to-day activities in the daycare, your child will feel very comfortable.

When your baby was little, you synced to your baby’s routine. Your baby will cry at night and wake you up. As your baby grew, you gradually got your baby used to the idea of sleeping through the night. The daily routine you are creating now is an extension of the process you started. Your goal is to ensure your baby’s day-to-day activities fit closely with what will happen at the daycare.

Engage your toddler’s curiosity

Engaging your toddler’s curiosity to drive the daycare visit is a smart decision. You have noticed that your child is more engaged with events when they are curious. Having this force of nature on your side will ease your baby’s transition into daycare.

When my baby was about to start preschool, I got a box of crayons, pencils, paints, and colored paper. I put them in the sitting room just above his reach.  Once in a while, I would bring them down and show them how to make funny images. I would let him play with them for a while (a few minutes) and then pack them up and put them out of his reach. I told him he would get to play with them in school as much as he wants. I also took him to the school and showed him the kid’s paintings. He was so eager to start school.  He started high school a year ago. You can use the same technique to get your baby interested in daycare.   


Getting your baby prepared for preschool is very nerve-wracking. You are anxious about picking the right daycare if your baby will accept the transition and a million other worries. You have been great so far and you would boss this new challenge too. Gradual introduction, a routine, and curiosity on your side will make the job easier. As a new mother in Indianapolis searching for great daycare centers in Indianapolis, check out our website. They are leaders in toddler childcare in Indianapolis. You don’t have to be in Indianapolis to use their services though. They have several great articles on child care.

By Williumson

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