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Collaboration in the content team is not easy because each writer has a different style of writing. The naming conventions, formats, and content assignments may create confusion between the teammates at any time. Therefore, the managers should create a standard operating procedure to streamline the workflow.

As a manager, you need to pay attention to the small difficulties employees face while working together. Some of them are often ignored because they seem manageable. However, the combined time spent on those minor interruptions turns out to be substantial in a single project.

This article has mentioned some tips to streamline the content workflow in your digital marketing team.

Set a Naming Convention

Many editors and co-writers spend hours searching the file they want from folders with hundreds of files. The writers use the title of content as the file name, or worse, the date of creation. You cannot afford to use the limited time and mental energy in searching the file.

Ask the teammates to adopt the same standard for naming the files to make the search easier. The file name should contain the project name, task name or content type, date of creation, and author name. You will find the files in an instant after the team adopts the same convention.

Document the Steps

Documentation is mentioned on almost every page of the project management coursebook. Still, we find it less critical of the tasks and sometimes ignore it altogether. The result is confusion between the teammates when they join a new project.

The project is easier to understand, track, and manage if every step is documented. The data should always be accessible to everyone involved in the project. Also, use roles while describing the tasks completed to avoid confusion if someone else takes the role.

Use the Visualisation Tool

People find text documents dull compared to the visuals even though they work in the content team. Graphs, calendars, and charts represent the information in a more accurate and clearer sense. Therefore, it is advised to use the visuals tools available in your project management software wherever possible.

Take help from the associates if you find it hard to understand the tools. Some people prefer the old notepad for managing the different tasks, and it is time to digitize it. Take an online quote with SEO Services in Ahmedabad by WebiHost to get the subscription to project management software.

Record a Manual

Employees can leave work permanently at any point in time. The sudden departure can cause chaos if no one knows for sure how to perform their tasks. Someone from the office has to take care of their job until you find a proper replacement.

Therefore, you should have a manual to train employees for a task in no time. Ask the current employees to create a file with their daily responsibilities. The file should contain a step-by-step process with some screenshots for easy explanation.

File for Unused Ideas

The brainstorming session often ends with some amazing ideas on the board. However, the budget and various other constraints are the reasons they end up in the trash can. Make the trash can of those ideas into a folder for potential use in the future.

Your organization will grow with time. Therefore, the constraints will not remain the same. Make sure the folder is accessible to everyone if they want to put more ideas into it.

Create a Format

The content team has many repetitive tasks where some portion remains the same for every file. You can use a template to fast track the repetitive tasks with minimal efforts. The tedious tasks cause a loss of creativity because of the stacked schedule.

You will give authors additional time to focus on creativity. The blogs and articles can have a template, along with the WordPress pages. Email communications have the same introduction and closings for every client, except for their information.

Plan in Advance

Every content team has a meeting before they start a new project or campaign. Plan the future follow-ups, meetings, and updates in the initial stages. It will be a waste of time to wait for the meetings to propose a change in the content.

The blogs have some space for improvement, considering the SEO and information. Any sudden development might have an impact on the content of the blog. Therefore, it is recommended to have those updates in a predefined schedule & Try Learn with Udemy Paid Courses for Free.

To Conclude

To sum up, your content team require streamlining to save time, efforts, and resource at certain times. It is frustrating at times to surround yourself with meaningless words after writing for hours. A streamlined workflow will ensure the limited mental and physical energy is spent on productive tasks, not concentrating on unnecessary actions.

By Williumson

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