full mouth reconstruction manhattan ny

If you want a perfect smile, full-mouth reconstruction Manhattan NY may be the perfect procedure for you. It is an excellent option for individuals who have missing teeth, or who have undergone tooth loss, and would like to have the perfect smile. But before you make an appointment, you must ask yourself some questions. Here are some questions you need to ask your dentist:


There are many types of full mouth reconstruction, and it can be difficult to choose which one is right for you. Crooked teeth may require braces, fillings, or crowns, while others may only need veneers or whitening. A dentist can determine which treatment is right for you and your goals. There are also many risks and benefits associated with full mouth reconstruction. For example, a poorly fitting crown could lead to TMJ problems, grinding down of opposing teeth, and a higher risk of gum disease and decay beneath the crown.


The costs associated with full mouth reconstruction depend on many factors. While dental offices set their rates based on experience and reputation, geographic location is also an important consideration. Dentists in densely populated areas often charge more for restorative dental treatments. Insurance may cover some of the cost, but only up to a certain level. Whether you have dental insurance or not, you should check with your provider to confirm if your plan covers this procedure.


Before you undergo full mouth reconstruction, you should schedule a consultation with your dentist. This appointment will consist of x-rays, a diagnosis, and discussion. The dentist will present a plan for full mouth reconstruction. Depending on your condition and the type of procedure you are undergoing, the treatment can be completed in a single visit, or it may require multiple visits. Your dentist will discuss the benefits and risks of each procedure.

Questions to ask dentist

Before undergoing full mouth reconstruction, you should be aware of the different types of treatments available. The dentist will usually recommend treatment after a preliminary visit. You can also ask for before and after pictures of previous full mouth reconstruction patients. Before undergoing a full mouth reconstruction, patients should also ask about alternative methods, such as implants, and financing options. You can also ask the dentist about payment plans and third-party financing if you are unable to pay for the full treatment in cash.

Prefer natural teeth for full mouth reconstruction

When considering dental implants, it is essential to remember that dental implants are not suitable for all patients. Some conditions, such as uncontrolled systemic diseases, cancer treatments, and major age-related conditions, may preclude them. Those with these conditions should consult an implant surgeon to discuss the pros and cons of undergoing the procedure. Some people also prefer to keep their natural teeth, which improves the taste and functionality of food and can save them a substantial amount of money.

Risks of undergoing full-mouth reconstruction

There are risks involved with undergoing full mouth reconstruction Manhattan NY, including infection and bone loss. Patients with certain dental conditions, such as gum disease and severe decay, may need to undergo full-mouth reconstruction in order to save their teeth. In addition to teeth, your dentist will examine your gum health to determine if you have any cavities or damage. If they are unhealthy, the dentist will apply a treatment called scaling and root planing, and if necessary, bone grafts.

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