Certificate Attestation for Qatar

Attestation at Qatar Embassy

Qatar Embassy certification is mandatory if we travel to Qatar for work purposes OR for residence visa approval. We provide Qatar Embassy Certificate Attestation Service for all sorts of Educational, Non-Educational, and Commercial Documents of Indian Origin. We also focus on Arabic translation and all kinds of Qatar visa processing services (tourist visa, business visa, visit visa). We help our clients to produce State or local HRD certificates and MEA certificates for Qatar Education Certificate Attestation. You can officially visit our office in person to submit your original documents, or you can send your documents to us. Once the process is complete, we will return your documents safely.

What is Qatar Embassy Attestation and why is it needed?

Embassy Attestation/authentication is the process of authenticating/verifying documents for employment purposes or visas for dependents/residents in Qatar (example: spouse and child residence visa). Documents notarized by Qatar Embassy means that your documents have been fully proved or notarized by Human Resources/Ministry of Home Affairs, MEA, and Qatar Embassy. Therefore, it is legal to use special notarized documents in Qatar for employment purposes.

What is the process for getting authentication from the Qatar Embassy in India?

Educational Certificate Attestation for Qatar


  • Attestation – Certification from the relevant state Department of Education (HRD)
  • Attestation – Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA) endorsement
  • Attestation – Certificate from Qatar State Embassy, ​​New Delhi.

NOTE: For Educational graduate Certificate – Qatar Embassy requires and certifies Certificate with Consolidated Grade Sheet/Graduation Year and Bonafide/University/College Confirmation Letter only. The three documents, degree certificate, grade sheet and confirmation letter (a letter from university or college stating that the person completed such a program in REGULAR mode, their registration number and registration number are … the person’s certificate is deemed to be REAL at the university – or university matriculation) must be certified at the same time.

Binding evidence that must be attached to the original proof of education to be certified:

  • The degree must come from a state-recognized institution/university. Courses must be full courses with affiliation to the University – UGC/AICTE/NAAC
  • The year-end certificate/consolidated grade sheet must be attached to the graduation certificate.
  • A bona fide /confirmation letter/certificate from the relevant university or college – The Qatar Embassy requires that a confirmation letter from the relevant university be submitted along with the certificate. Without this confirmation letter, the final certificate will not be authenticated.
  • The confirmation letter must be accompanied by a mandatory endorsement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA) of the Government of India.

NOTE: As of JANUARY 2016, Qatar Embassy is very specific that they will not authenticate distance learning/open university certificates and private university certificates.

Qatar non-education certificate authentication

Process 1:

  • Attestation by respective state Department of Home Affairs
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA) Attestation
  • Attestation from Qatar State Embassy, ​​New Delhi;

Process 2 (special case):

  • Attestation from Ministry of Home Affairs Maharashtra
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA) Attestation
  • Attestation from Qatar State Embassy, ​​New Delhi;


Process 3 (special case):

  • Attestation from Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM), New Delhi
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA) Attestation
  • Attestation from Qatar State Embassy, ​​New Delhi;

Legalization of educational and non-educational/identity documents by the Qatar Embassy, ​​New Delhi requires the submission of the following documents and fees:

  • Original documents to be certified;
  • Photocopy of each clear document;
  • A clear photocopy of the passport;
  • embassy fee per document; and
  • Our document service fee

We also do the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar (Qatar MOFA). Once approved by the country where the document is issued, it must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country where you will work.

Additional fees may apply for MOFA and it takes 8 working days for a MOFA certificate from Qatar

We offer the best prices for all sorts of documents (educational, non-educational, personal and commercial) for notaries at the Qatar Embassy.

What documents are required for UAE Embassy Legalization for Education Certificate/Marriage Certificate/Birth Certificate/Business Documents?

  • Documents to be submitted to Qatar Embassy for Education Certificate authentication.
  • Original documents to be legalized (original call, original last year’s brand card/combined brand card, and bona fide original certificate;
  • Photocopy of each clear document;
  • A clear photocopy of the passport;
  • Documents to be submitted to Qatar Embassy for authentication of non-educational certificate.
  • Original documents to be certified;
  • Photocopy of each clear document;
  • A clear photocopy of the passport;

We are responsible to issue the certificate below at the Qatar embassy.

1)  Qatar education certificate Attestation

  1. Qatar Embassy Certificate, All India University Degree Certificate Attestation Service, PG Degree Certificate/Postgraduate Certificate
  2. Qatar Embassy Attestation Service for VTU Degree, Bangalore University Degree Certificate (BU), Mysore University Certificate, Mangalore University Certificate, Gulbarga University Certificate, IIMB Certificate, RGUHS Certificate, Certificate for Jain University, St.Joseph Certificate, Christ University Certificate, Degree Certificate Anna University, Madras University Certificate, etc.
  3. Qatar Embassy Certification for Diploma Certificate, MBA Certificate, Doctoral Certificate
  4. Qatar Embassy Certificate for Engineering Diploma, Diploma in Medical Studies, Initial Diploma Diploma, Hotel Management Certificate, LLB Legal Diploma, Technical Diploma Diploma.


  • Overseas Authentication/Legalization (FA)
  • Qatar Embassy Marriage Certificate, Salary Certificate, Equality Certificate, Death Certificate, Divorce Certificate
  • Qatar Embassy Birth Certificate, Transfer Certificate (TC), Medical Certificate, Single Status Certificate
  • Ministry of Education Certification Ministry of Education MOE Attestation
  • Ministry of Health Certificate Ministry of Health Attestation
  • Qatar Embassy Certification for Work Experience/ Attestation
  • Qatar Marriage Certificate Attestation
  • Qatar Ministry of Justice Attestation
  • Qatar Chamber of Commerce Attestation 
  • Qatar Ministry of Labor Attestation

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