Assuming you’ve at any point gone bra shopping and returned home with one that doesn’t fit right, you know how frustrating the experience can be. For such a small thing of clothing, bras can be the hardest to purchase. In light of that, we wanted to share some bra fitting tips for making your next bra shopping trip your best. Also, get a 30% discount using the Knix Coupon Code while purchasing the wireless bra and undergarments.

To get master advice, we went to Jené Luciani, bestselling author of The Bra Book (BenBella Books, 2009). We will share the top 10 tips for buying a bra that fits perfectly.

1) Go to the right place

Pick a store that has a wide determination of bras and trained bra fitters on hand. Measure yourself first as a guideline, so you know where to start looking once you get there.

2) Make a list

Go to the store with a list of what bras you want and plan to purchase. This will vary from one individual to another, yet two bare bras, two black bras, one strapless, one games bra, and one bra without underwire for comfort is a good starting point.

3) Know your body type

Be aware of your body type, so you know what bras to search for. For example, on the off chance that you are, to a greater degree, a top-heavy “apple” shape, you will probably be looking for more full coverage bras, not demi-cups if you don’t know what type, a full aide by body type can be found in Luciani’s manual for all things bras, The Bra Book.

Top 10 Tips For Buying The Perfect Bra In 2022

4) Check transparency

Wear or bring a thin T-shirt to the store so you can see what each bra looks like under the sheerest of circumstances. You don’t want any amazement whenever you first wear it!

5) Be open-minded about your size.

Assuming you’re shocked (or disappointed), remember that bra size is only a number (and a letter). The appropriate attack of the bra is the main part.

6) Be flexible

Assuming that you’re in a bind and there’s a bra you love, but they don’t have your size, it’s usually OK to go up a band size and down a cup size – or the other way around.

7) Have a discerning eye

Don’t be afraid to place the bra on and face yourself in the mirror with a critical eye. Assuming you see any gaps, spillage, digging in, or other indications of unfortunate fit, it’s not the right bra. Pivot and view at the back as well. The back band can be extremely telling, too, regarding appropriate fit. There ought to be no gaping, riding up, or swells.

8) Get accessories

Don’t forget to get some bra accessories, too, so you avoid any faux pas depending on what you’ll be wearing. Breast petals and twofold-sided tape are always good to have on hand.

9) Don’t get stuck in a size rut.

Record the date of your visit and be certain to plan another one six months to a year later (bra sizes fluctuate because of weight gain, hormonal changes, aging, and other life-altering events, so getting fitted at least once a year is essential). Bras also should be replaced like clockwork in a year because of wear and tear.

10) Take good care of your bras.

When you make your purchase, it ultimately depends on you to take good care of your bra. It’s best to hand wash; however, if you want to place it in the washing machine, ensure the bra is encased in a defensive garment bag. Always air dry – never put your bras in the dryer.

By Williumson

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