Although we have repeatedly downplayed age restrictions on dressing, it is undeniable that whenever age or fashion is mentioned, there will be more or less annoyance in my heart. Because with age, people cannot avoid the wrinkles, gray hair and shape loss caused by natural aging.

However, although we cannot resist the passage of time, we can live more gracefully. For middle-aged women, if they want to wear an elegant and feminine look, skirts must be on the list. When wearing them, learn from these 50+ mothers’ outfits: no elderly skirts, skirts over the knees, shoes with heels, concise And generous! Save with marks and spencer discount code nhs

It is recommended that women over 50 wear skirts, not to wear elderly clothes

1. What are the characteristics of elderly clothing?

A skirt is a very temperamental item, but many times it will make you look old-fashioned because of incorrect selection. For example, when many people buy clothes online, they will subconsciously search for clothes specially designed for the elderly. These clothes are often relatively simple or outdated aesthetics and are very templated.

No matter in terms of material or tailoring, the previous designs are very applied, and there are few breakthroughs, so the wearing is also very limited. If you don’t want to be labeled as “outdated” or “old fashioned”, you can pay more attention to fashion magazines, articles or bloggers every day, not to mention completely copying, you can learn from it appropriately, and to a certain extent, it can improve our understanding of beauty. It can also bring new inspiration .

2. If you are 50+, it is recommended to wear more of these skirts

For older women, our dress can’t be too plain, and the same can’t be too fancy to highlight our temperament. So in the choice of skirts, it is more recommended to choose these styles:

One is the splash-dyed skirt . This kind of skirt often has a certain meaning and deep meaning in the design, which can not only reflect the wearer’s unique taste, but also make the dress show a poetic beauty.

The second category is printed skirts . When choosing this type of clothing, it should be noted that the more mixed colors and the fresher the colors are, the more foreign it is. On the contrary, the printed skirts with designs and light colors can better show the advanced level of women.

The last category is polka dot skirts . Compared with splash dyeing and printing designs, polka dots are more simple and elegant, but they are more fashionable than solid color skirts. Choosing a polka dot dress is the best choice for middle-aged women to enhance their temperament, but it should be noted that big polka dots are more mature, while small polka dots are more flexible and age-reducing, and are more suitable for Asians. Never miss boden discount code 25

Second, the skirt is over the knee but not the ankle, use the details to add points

When choosing a skirt, in addition to choosing the style, its length and details also have a great influence on the style and dressing effect.

1. Middle-aged women wear skirts, they must first be decent

Skirts are a single item that many people use to enhance their temperament, but for middle-aged women, if you want to wear a skirt elegantly, you must first be decent. When choosing a skirt, it is best to have the length below the knee , because the skirt is too short. It is prone to embarrassing situations, and it will expose the shortcomings of our leg shape. It will be more appropriate to choose the length of the knee.

2. Use skirts to create a slim, tall and thin effect

In addition to over-the-knee, the specific length will also affect the overall effect. If you are smaller or have slender calves, it is recommended to choose the length from below the knee to the middle of the calf, which can highlight your advantages.

If your calf is relatively thick, then it is more recommended to choose a position with the length below the middle of the calf and above the ankle, exposing the ankle can create a slim, tall and thin feeling.

3. Use the details to make the dress more foreign

The choice of skirts is very wide. In addition to choosing printed skirts, you should also pay attention to some details when choosing a solid color skirt. For example, neckline design, such as swing collar, boat neck, small V-neck and other designs will enhance the style of clothing. Like this outfit, a light blue dress, the design of the swing collar resolves the monotony of the neckline and makes the dress more foreign.

Or the design of the hem of the skirt, the slightly fanned umbrella skirt, the classic A-line skirt, or the sexy slit skirt, small changes will cause changes in the dress style.

When wearing a skirt, shoes should be more elegant with heels

After choosing a skirt, the next thing to pay attention to is matching. Many times, you will find that although there is no problem with the skirt, but there is always something strange, then it is very likely that you have chosen the wrong shoes. 

When wearing a skirt, try to avoid these two pairs of shoes

①The skirt is matched with sneakers, the style does not match

Many middle-aged women like to wear comfortable outfits, and they like to wear sneakers no matter what they wear, but in fact, apart from everyday casual clothes, it is not recommended to choose sports shoes for elegant and intellectual outfits such as skirts.

②The skirt is paired with thick-soled shoes, which looks bulky and rustic

The other is thick-soled shoes. You will find that this kind of shoes will always reveal a sense of earth when paired with skirts. This is because the sole is relatively heavy, which will move the center of gravity down, making the overall unbalanced, and it will feel bulky and procrastinated when wearing it.

Another 3 pairs of heel shoes, more fashionable and elegant

If you want to wear comfortable and convenient, but also to wear beautifully, it is recommended to choose these 3 pairs of shoes:

①Elegant and intellectual loafers

Among the flat shoes, loafers are the ones that can show the effect of 1+1>2 when matched with a skirt . It is as easy to wear as flat shoes, but because of its elegant attributes, its style is more elegant.

It should be noted that the heel of the flat loafer has a 2cm heel, which not only shows high temperament, but also relieves the impact of the foot and the ground, which can play a protective role.

② Low-key and temperament short chunky heels

The second category is short and thick heels. These shoes can make the dress more aura and are perfect for matching skirts. And for middle-aged and elderly women, it is best to choose shoes with a heel of 1.5~3cm, which can better protect our arches and joints. never miss the ASOS discount code , ASOS Discount Code NHS , asos promo code nhs , Asos NHS discountAsos coupon code 10  off , Asos nhs promoc code , Asos nhs discount code and Asos voucher code

③ tasteful pointed shoes

Pointed-toe shoes are a type of shoes with a strong sense of femininity. When paired with skirts, they can well show the charm of women. In addition, the pointed-toe design has a sense of extension, which can also play a good role in showing height. At this time, with some exquisite necklaces or bags, the whole is more advanced.

Well, the above is the whole content of this issue. Dressing up is a manifestation of beauty. Wearing comfortable and suitable clothes can make the whole person more elegant.

By Williumson

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