roof and guttering repairs

Are you fed up with your roof that keeps dripping? And you fear that your roof might collapse anytime? If yes! You must read till the end.

If you have water stains that extend across ceilings or run-down walls, you most likely have a leaking roof.

You might think it’s just a small leak and doesn’t require much attention, but minor leaks can cause big problems and immediately require proper roof and guttering repairs.


You must go with roof and guttering repairs if you see any of the following.      


Flashing are fine metal pieces mounted below shingles and on the roof joints to make a water-resistant barrier. If the flashing gets cracked, it can temporarily be sealed using a tar patch. However, it’s not a permanent solution as it can rust over time because of rainfall and hefty winds.

You can also fix these cracks by removing the nails used to fix the old flashing. Uplift the shingle and detach the fractured segment. Carefully place a new flashing, and seal it with roofing nails. Now, spread a layer of sealant to the nail heads.


You can easily spot broken shingles by looking at the multi-coloured patches on your roof.  The shingles usually break because of harsh weather, winds and thunderstorms.

You can use pry bars to fix those broken shingles. Glide a pry bar beneath the nails joining the fractured shingle to the one underneath it. You should uplift it until the nail comes out, and now apply force to the shingle and detach the nail. Do the same for other nails. Change the fractured shingle with a brand new one and close it with some nails.


Since the valley area of the roof is sloped, rainwater can enter inside if they aren’t sealed together. The roof valley often gets ruptured if you step on it while performing roof and guttering repairs. It can also corrode because of excess rain or snow.

Since it is a complex area, it is recommended to get it done by professional roofers.


Roof vents are small pipes coming out of your roof. They are used to keep the moisture away from your house. But it gets leaked because of improper installation or if there is a crack in the rubber that is attached to the pipe.

You can quickly fix it by using a sharp object to take the rubber wrapped around the vent or try to tear out the seal on any linking shingles. Now glide the fresh rubber boot below these shingles, over the vent and take it down on the roof. The last step is to lock the boot using roofing nails on both sides and fill down the shingles to secure them with the flashing.



Gutters, whether the home roof gutters or the garage roof gutters, leak when they get old. However, leaks aren’t restricted to old gutters; new ones can also be on the radar. It’s usual for sectional gutters to start leaking as they grow old. As water passes through the gutters, the sealant deteriorates, and screws become loose.

You can easily perform your roof and guttering repairs and garage roof repair by using a waterproof sealant to stop the leaks and extend the life of your gutters.


A gentle slope is needed for a gutter to function effectively. If the slope isn’t set right, water pools are collected. You must hire a professional to fix or alter the slope of the gutters as it requires technical knowledge, and you can’t do it yourself.


One of the reasons for leaking gutters is the clogging of gutters. The gutters are not constructed to carry the weight of the debris along with water. If excess weight is added, the gutters might start leaking.

One of the solutions that could help is using the guard system. It will only allow water to enter the gutters and prevent solids from entering.


Most gutter systems are attached to fascia boards using screws, nails, etc. They get loose over time because of extreme rain and could develop small leaks. You can overcome these leaks by tightening the fasteners and applying caulking around them.


If you’re trying to repair your leaking roof yourself, it might make things worse, and all that mess will cost you a lot. Therefore, hiring professional roofers like MC Roofing Expert will be the best roofers in Hucknall shot. You can hire them for any kind of roof and guttering repairs and garage roof repair and get your roof makeover at a reasonable price.

By Williumson

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