Mirrors are incredible home decor objects. You can get them in different shapes and sizes, and the frames can be simple or artistically designed, so you have a lot of scope for creativity and style when it comes to mirrors. You could have ten mirrors in a house, and each one can be unique and completely different from the other. A mirror can be the protagonist or a side actor on a wall; it’s totally up to you.  When it comes to choosing the best type of Mirrors Design, Flats in Thrissur come with several recommendations There are many different ways to decorate a living room with mirrors, and you have to be careful to do it correctly. This article brings you 6 different ways to use mirrors to decorate your living room.

1. Using the Space Above a Cabinet


Mirrors are a great way to make any room seem larger and brighter. They also create the illusion of more space by reflecting light, making them an ideal solution for smaller rooms. So if you’re looking to make your living room look bigger, consider using mirrors in different ways to decorate your space.

Put up a mirror above the cabinet if you have a high ceiling or want to use the space above a piece of furniture. This is an easy way to add light into your living room without having to mount it on your wall or ceiling. You can also use this method if you want an unobstructed view from one side of your living room to another without having any obstructions like columns or door frames.

Accent tables are a great way to display items such as flowers or other decorative objects without taking up too much space on the floor or table itself. A mirrored accent table can help make any room look more spacious by reflecting light into its surroundings. It will also reflect colors from lights or other decorations, adding another layer of style to your décor.

2. Mirror, Mirror on the Floor


Mirrors should be placed on the floor in front of chairs or sofas so that when you sit down you can see yourself sitting down in the mirror, this will make your living room appear larger. You can also use mirrors as a decorative feature by hanging them above a fireplace or on a wall opposite a window so that they reflect light into your home during the day and night. You can even place them on top of tables or shelves to add interest to these areas of the house.

Mirror walls are a popular choice when it comes to decorating with mirrors in your home. They can add sparkle and shine while also making a statement about what kind of person lives there! Wall-to-wall mirrors are ideal for large spaces like living rooms because they give off more light than single mirrors would.

Mirrors placed around window panes will give your home an elegant appearance while reflecting more light into the room. If you want to save money while doing so, hang inexpensive small mirrors around each pane instead of buying one large one that covers all four panes at once.

3. Get Creative with the Frame


Mirrors are also perfect for creating an illusion of height in a room with lower ceilings. A mirror over a dining table creates the illusion that the table is higher than it really is, while mirrors hung on opposite walls create the illusion that a hallway is longer than it really is.

The frame around a mirror is just as important as what’s inside it. If you have an ugly frame that makes your mirror look bad, consider replacing it with something more attractive like marble or wood trimming that matches the rest of your decorating scheme for the room. This will make all the difference when it comes to making the most of your mirror’s decorating potential by giving it a more unified look with other elements in your home design scheme.

Use mirrors as part of an artwork display. This can be done in several ways – from hanging them on the wall with other pieces of art or framing them individually and displaying them on open shelves. Don’t forget about floor-to-ceiling mirrors, which can make a big impact in any room.

4. The Sunburst Mirror Frame


 One of the easiest ways to make a room look bigger is with mirrors. They reflect light, which brightens up the room, and they make it appear larger by reflecting more than one wall. Mirrors also help to draw attention to an area where you wish to highlight something.

The Sunburst Mirror Frame is a popular choice for the living room. This frame is available in a variety of colors, so you can choose the one that matches your current décor. The frame has an antique look with a weathered finish that’s perfect for rustic-style homes. The frame can easily be hung on the wall or placed on a table or shelf.

The mirror features a unique sunburst pattern and comes with hooks at the top to hang it on the wall. It’s also easy to clean and maintain, so you don’t have to worry about it getting dusty and dirty over time. If you want to put this mirror in your living room, simply place it over any wall space where you think it will look good. You can also use this as an accent piece by hanging it above your fireplace mantle or even on top of a sideboard or console table in another room in your home.

5. A Mirror in the Hallway

Mirror above Fireplace – A mirror above your fireplace can add drama and depth to your living room by reflecting all of those warm colors back on themselves, making them more vibrant and alive than ever before! This is especially useful when there isn’t enough natural light coming in through windows due to time of day or weather conditions outside that may otherwise cast shadows on your walls instead of reflecting light onto them. It also helps make them smaller.

Mirrors can make an area of your home feel more spacious by reflecting the walls, furniture, and other elements in the room. Mirrors are usually hung on walls but can also be placed on tables or shelves for a different look. You can even use them as furniture pieces if you want.

Mirrors are available in many shapes, sizes, designs and colors. It will depend on what type of mirror you’re looking for as to where you shop for it. They can be purchased from discount stores like Wal-Mart or Target or home improvement stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot. You may also find them at local furniture stores or antique shops if you’re looking for something vintage-looking.

6. Using the Space Behind a Sofa


The space behind sofas is often neglected when decorating, but it’s an ideal place for a mirror because it reflects light into the room and makes it look bigger. It also gives the illusion that there is more space than there actually is! Mirrors can be hung over large sofas and small ones alike, however if you have a large sofa then make sure that it doesn’t block out too much light from entering through windows as this may make your home feel smaller than it really is.

 Mirrors can be used in many ways to decorate a living room. They can be hung on the walls, placed on the mantel or even placed on top of a coffee table. Mirrors work great for adding light and dimension to a room. They also give the illusion that a room is larger than it actually is by reflecting natural light throughout the room. Mirrors are especially useful in small living rooms where they can be used to make the room appear larger than it really is.

Mirror placement is essential when decorating your living room with mirrors. The best way to use mirrors in your home is to use them as accents, not as an entire focal point. Mirrors can be placed on all four walls throughout the room or just one wall if you want to create an illusion of space and light in your living room area.


Mirrors come in many different forms and perform many different functions. From bathroom mirrors to the mirrors you find in your local department store, mirrors do more than just make sure you don’t have toothpaste on your face. Lights, candles, and art can also add a warm and cozy touch to any room in your house.

By Williumson

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