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Security systems have found great application in the last few decades. With the invention of CCTV cameras, the world of security was revolutionized. Together CCTV cameras, computers, the internet, and smart technology have given birth to the best security and surveillance systems. So what are the essential components of a household security system that influence its effectiveness?

  • Control panel: This allows you to control the entire security system.
  • Cameras: Wireless/Wired indoor and outdoor cameras connected to the control panel and a high graphic quality monitor such as the hikvision monitor.
  • Sensors: Windows and door sensors, motion sensors, heat sensors, etc.
  • Alarm/Siren: A high pitch alarm system.
  • Signs & Stickers: Window stickers and yard signs.

How does the system work?

Residential security systems work to secure sensitive points of your home including entry points, windows, garage, etc. Sensors or cameras installed at these locations communicate with the control panel. The panel is typically installed inside your home where you can easily access it. Motion sensors can be installed in the interior and exterior of your home.

Control Panel: 

These panels are the main command and control section of your security system. With the control panel, you can arm or disarm the system. The system works through an intricate linkage of all the components.

It communicates with all components for issuing commands and responding whether it is sounding the alarm or sending a message to a security company. It usually has a passcode so that it is not accessible to everyone.

It has a touchpad which is used for interacting and programming. Modern ones can work with voice commands and remote controls and can be connected to the internet for remote access.

Door /Window Sensors:

These sensors have two parts. One part is fixed on the window or the door while the other is installed on the window sill or door frame. Both are aligned when the window or door is closed, completing the security circuit. If any such door or window which has these sensors is suddenly opened, the circuit gets broken and the panel detects it in an instant, interpreting it as a breach of security and sounding the high pitch alarm and/or alarming the security company.

Motion Sensors: 

These sensors, when armed, create an invisible security zone that if breached will sound the security alarm. These sensors are mostly used to secure rooms that have valuables or areas which are less frequented.

Surveillance Cameras: 

Wireless and wired security CCTV Cameras can be used for effective surveillance. These cameras are connected to a high-quality monitor such as the Hikvision monitor which provides high-resolution imaging and videos.

Typical uses of security cameras include monitoring:

  • Distant or hard-to-see areas of both the interior and exterior of a property.
  • Outdoor buildings such as workshops, barns, garages, driveways, and gates.
  • Entry points of your home such as windows and doors.

The live footage from a CCTV Camera can be monitored by security guards and you can also easily access surveillance cameras from your computer, tablet, and smartphone. Remote access is highly useful for homeowners who travel a lot or who have a busy work routine.

hikvision monitor

You can even monitor caregivers, landscapers, and children. You can also use them to record and store footage which can be used later for several purposes including prosecution in case of home invasions.


Security alarms can be used for different purposes including fire safety and a break-in. They typically let out a high decibel sound that is loud enough to reach your neighbors. In this way, they also act as a deterrent for criminals who might choose to run away instead of breaking in. 

Window stickers and yard signs: 

These items may not seem to be of any significance but they do play an important part in the overall security of a property. Many burglars and thieves prefer an easy job with no repercussions.

These stickers and signs which warn people that the property is under surveillance serve as a deterrent, making criminals think twice before attempting an adventure. 

How does the system work as a whole?

Stickers and warning signs will alert criminals that the property is under professional surveillance of CCTV Camera. This may serve as the first step towards an efficient security system because the purpose of the security system is protection.

How your security system works in case of an intrusion depends on the type of system you have. If you have a system that is directly monitored by a security company, the system will send alerts not just to you but to the security company as well.

The company will first try to communicate with you via your control panel or through other means of communication such as the emergency contact numbers you have provided.

The security company will ideally notify the relevant security authorities such as firefighters, paramedics, and police closest to your area. Some will also dispatch their security teams in addition to taking these steps.

 In case you have no such arrangement with a security company and monitor your security system yourself, you will have to notify the relevant authorities yourself once you receive any such alerts.

By Williumson

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