Himalayan salt room therapy

Here is the good news for all the male persons who are suffering from the worst sexual health. They must be fed up with the different types of medicines and faking spiritual treatments. All must destroy their health as the worst effects. Now they have just one option to focus on their health by having pink salt therapy by installing made salt bricks in their surrounding—for example, bedrooms, living room, reading room, kitchen, washroom, and much more.

Himalayan salt bricks are unique items that have mental and physical health benefits at the same time. They give their benefits ten times more strongly when they are enlightened. You have a creative option or you can hire a man who knows to install salt bricks and light behind them. In this way, the light behind the bricks will be penetrated from the crystal surface and it will give a red chromotherapy effect to the surrounding. Ultimately, it will be healthy for men’s sexual health.

People sometimes do not believe in color therapy but really it exists. Chromotherapy is also known as color salt therapy. The use of colors is ultimately related to energizing our mental, psychological and physical health.

Even if we talk about the brands, so they use specific colors for the specific attention of people. For example, pink color is mostly used to represent girls and women. Somehow pink color has become the identity of girls and women. Moreover, the green color is to show nature and it makes your eyes calming and cool as well.

The color red is the color of passionate love, exaggerated carnality, bodies on fire, feverish desire, and an aphrodisiac color if ever there was one, red can also be dangerous. It can be perilous to some extent because it generates hypertension in many persons but it’s up to our ability that utilizes it in the positive or negative application.

If your brain is not functioning properly or you have stress, anxiety, and frustration so you can not be good in bed. The natural red color therapy with the illumination of Himalayan pink salt bricks enables you to strengthen your brain functioning and your sex organs ultimately. It incredible acts on the human nervous and lymphatic systems.

You must have seen a taboo game named Muleta. In this show, a performer holds a stick with a red-colored cloth that is hanging downward. This violent color attracts the bull and he runs toward the cloth to hit it instead of hitting a man. When bull comes nearer so perform put aside the stick with red cloth. Basically, the matter is about the red color, and this is the way to grab the attention of the bull. The red cloth made the bull angry and forced its mind to hit the object instead of hitting the man holding the cloth.

The red color also represents the blood which is the symbol of life. The flow of the blood gives us the reason for the flow of life. But at the same time, it is the clear expression of violence, rudeness, and aggressiveness that are negative aspects. So if any person becomes aggressive, rude, hyper, violent, or angry so we relate that “blood went to his head” or “he saw red color”.

The red color is considered to pump your blood more than any other color. In this way, it is well known in a dramatic way.

Now we will discuss Eros and Thanatos relation to red color. This violence is considered a paradox that has mixed properties. We can also consider it as a death and love factor because Eros means to love and Thanatos means death. Besides the reason, this color has mixed properties of negativity and positivity like energy and aggressiveness, courage and cruelty, passionate love, and feverish desire.

Male sexual health is ultimately connected with the use of Himalayan salt therapy with red color illumination. When the light is penetrated by the pink salt. When it is penetrated it creates negative ions in the surrounding environment so in this way humans nearby get so many health benefits. When we talk about males so if the light is specifically creating red color illumination with negative ions so there will be a sexual benefit for males.

This therapy stimulates the whole body, especially red color therapy stimulates the sexual organs of males. Enhance blood circulation and rhythmic breathing. It incredibly strengthens the muscles of sexual organs. Improves your stamina, empowers your immune system, and increases sex timing.

There are seven chakra systems, but the red color and sexual power are associated with the second chakra system. In general, all chakras systems are interlinked with the sexual powers but the second one has a major impact.

According to the Hindu religion, the chakra system is spiritually connected with sexuality. The salt lamp or illuminated salt object therapy gives you the power to control yourself. Once you have control over your head and body you can do anything. In this way, you will be better day by day at controlling your baseless sexual desires. You will be able to focus on preferable sexual desires.

There are many classifications when we talk about the red color. The orange color is between the red and yellow colors. But the classification in colors gives them different characters. For example, red is considered to give major psychological effects like anger, energy, boosting mental ability, seduction, violence, and much more.

Illuminated salt bricks have the perfect option to have red color therapy. You can easily get orange-reddish pink bricks from the online market. But if you are living in Pakistan, USA, or India so you can easily get it from the local market. The room made with pink Himalayan bricks enables you to have extra chromotherapy effects. You can install a full wall or room and lit light behind them to create red color chromotherapy and negative ionization.

In the chakra system, the second Svadhisthana chakra (sacral) is sexuality and self-control. This spiritual and physical therapy boosts the male sexual power. Moreover, if a man has good sex life so this is the fact that he will be good in brain functioning and other bodily

functioning. Sperms help in developing muscle, hair growth, intelligence, and much more. So in this way you can have a hundred percent natural salt therapy with no side effects.

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