Basic” is often considered to be simple and outdated. However, the young generation has altered the idea by obsessing over basics and making t-shirts their wardrobe-essentials. The design might be basic and comfortable, the same as you have desired. However, digging more into it will turn your idea of considering it into something essential. 

You all might have looked for the design, the prints and the ideal size. However, one thing you all have overlooked is the weight of the t-shirt. Have you ever compared a lightweight t-shirt with Jerzees 29M? Probably not! Because if you had done it, you would have known where the difference lies. Even if you are a shopaholic and invest your energy into getting apparel, you have not focused on the weight of the t-shirt to make your decision. However, not putting the t-shirt’s weight on the prospect is the mistake you all have been making and need to avoid it.


Have you ever paid attention to the acronyms you come across? Yes, you all are well aware of “ttyl” and ‘Hmu”. However, let’s skip the chit-chat acronyms that we have made on our own and focus on the one determining the weight of your t-shirt. 

GSM is the acronym for “gram per square meter”. It determines the weight of the t-shirt for every square meter piece. It has been used in determining the fabric’s weight and will eventually give you an idea of which one to choose. 

The t-shirts having lower GSM are lighter in weight. In contrast, the ones with higher GSM are thicker and heavier. The difference in GSM has given birth to two categories: lightweight and heavyweight t-shirts. 


Lightweight t-shirt Under 160 Summers Cotton 
Heavyweight t-shirt Over 200wintersHeavyweight cotton and wool 
All season t-shirts Between 160 to 200For all seasonsAll mid weight fabrics 

The grid stretches the line of difference between lightweight and heavyweight t-shirts. The considerable difference in GSM indicates the difference in the apparel and how significantly they are designed with different fabrics. However, the versatility of all-season t-shirts remains timeless and ideal for people. It allows one to ace the look with basics and an optimally weighted t-shirt in all seasons. 


The light and thin fabric are ideal for immense heat and scorching sun season. It shields one from the heat and keeps the discomfort away. However, many other reasons to choose a lightweight t-shirt this summer exist. 

  • Breathable 

The lighter the fabric, the more comfort it will offer during summers. The light fabric allows the air to pass through the apparel, leaving behind maximum comfort. Consequently, the breathable nature of the clothing makes it perfect for the gym, exercising and workouts.

  • Sweat absorbent

Lightweight apparel is designed with cotton, making it the perfect option to absorb sweat during extensive activities and summer day errands. The fabric absorbs the sweat, and the quick dry capacity keeps one away from discomfort.

  • Comfort 

It is evident that if something weighs less, it will eventually exert less pressure on the body, and the lightweightedness will provide one with a comfortable appearance. It allows one to have free movement and enough mobility to experience the desired comfort throughout the day. 


The thick and heavy fabric of the t-shirt stands for the strength the apparel possesses and the shield it has to protect you from enough cold. Winter demands more; thus, heavyweight t-shirts also become the essential layering piece. Furthermore, it caters a lot and provides the best appearance. Wearing Jerzees 29M would make you understand why you should get one.

  • Structured appearance 

The idea is that lightweight apparel is thin and will probably stick to your body. However, heavyweight t-shirts sustain their look with the structured appearance it provides. 

  • Perfect for layering 

The thick fabric of the t-shirt makes them the perfect choice for layering in winter. Winter demands more layers in order to fight the cold, and heavyweight t-shirts work well with jackets and long coats. 

  • Durability 

The formation of the heavyweight t-shirt incorporated heavyweight cotton, which provides the apparel with enough strength to last longer than average. The lightweight fabric will probably get damaged or torn over time. However, heavyweight t-shirts have the ability to sustain through seasons. 


Even though you had the ultimate collection of t-shirts in your closet, you have understood it in the right way today. The world of apparel is much more than just designs and prints. The weight of the t-shirt is essentially and equally important when making a selection. 

Lastly, with knowing the fundamental differences and ideal seasons for both the categories, be wise in making your choice the next time you plan on shopping. 

Let your closet be seasonally charged this year!

By Williumson

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