Considering its open economy, Vietnam appears to be a promising country for business growth. Several Vietnamese entrepreneurs and businesspersons took the business to new heights. Resultantly, this country turned out to be one of the fastest-growing GDPs in the world.

Business ideas in Vietnam are favourable due to several reasons. Government support, developed infrastructure, cheap labour, a highly growing economy, expert and professional workforces, etc., facilitate business development in Vietnam. Therefore, planning a business in Vietnam can be advantageous in many ways. Keep reading this article to get some attractive verslo idejos.

Top 10 businesses to survive in Vietnam

Several small and large business scopes in Vietnam can flourish rapidly. However, here are the 10 best ideas to explore in 2022:

  1. Textile and Garment

Among the several other businesses, textile and garments export brings the second largest turnover to Vietnam. Therefore, it can be considered one of the country’s most profitable businesses. You can launch your brand and set up manufacturing clothes and garments. Else you can trade garments from other brands and set up a textile and garment shop in Vietnam.

Considering its lower labour costs than the competitor countries such as China and Mexico, Vietnam has ample opportunities in the textile industries. However, you must understand the field and target customers for quick growth in this business field.

  • Exports

The manufacturing industries in Vietnam are well-flourished considering its low land cost, tax incentives and labour cost. Therefore, Vietnam is a well-known exporter of several goods. Vietnam’s rice, rubber, leather, coffee, wood, textile, electronics, etc., are in high demand in several developed countries, including America. 

Therefore, one can start a career as a product consultant to initiate the transaction between foreign buyers and local sellers smoothly. Moreover, you can import foreign goods and sell them to Vietnamese customers for a living. 

  • Real Estate

Considering its beautiful ambience and growing economy, Vietnam attracts several people to stay here permanently. Moreover, the tourism business also demands many hotels and resorts for tourists. Therefore, real estate turns out to be a lucrative business in Vietnam. 

One can build properties and put them up for sale at a price that earns a profit. Besides, you can also buy fully furnished properties and resale them at a higher price to gain maximum returns. However, a foreigner cannot buy land in Vietnam but can buy resorts, apartments, complexes and other properties. 

  • Furniture Manufacturing

Vietnamese furniture is very popular across the world for its rosewood and hardwood made up. Several countries import this furniture considering their huge demand across the world. Moreover, Vietnamese people are also fond of furniture and often decorate their houses and offices with new furniture. Therefore, starting a furniture manufacturing business in Vietnam can be profitable. 

If you are unsure about manufacturing, you can also source furniture from different manufacturers and sell them.

  • IT consultant

Another handsome business option in Vietnam includes setting up an IT firm and working as an IT consultant. 90% of the Vietnamese population are tech savvy; therefore, they are interested in computers and technologies. Starting your career as an IT consultant is one of the best ways to enhance your earnings. 

  • Wellness Coach

This developing country is disciplined and aware of its fitness and health. Therefore, exercise and fitness are crucial parts of the Vietnamese lifestyle. Several gyms and fitness clubs sprang up in Vietnam to encourage this fitness journey of the people. Therefore, acquiring knowledge as a fitness trainer or wellness coach can make you earn a lucrative amount. 

You can start up your own gym and train people or get appointed as a personal trainer or fitness coach. Besides, you can also start therapy sessions to add some extra perks to your service.

  • Agriculture and Food Processing

Besides exporting coffee, rubber, rice, cotton, sugarcane, etc., Vietnam produces fruits and vegetables. This country is rich in agriculture and food processing. Therefore, you can start processing and selling agricultural products to earn a profit. 

You can grow vegetables and fruits on your farm and process them to export or sell them locally. If you lack farming knowledge, you can also purchase them from local farmers and sell them in the market to start your business.

  • Restaurant and Bar

Vietnamese are passionate about eating out at restaurants and drinking at pubs. Therefore, starting a restaurant and bar can be an attractive business idea. If you are passionate about trying out new recipes and garnishing the dishes like a pro, it is undoubtedly an amazing start-up option for you. 

Moreover, as Vietnamese are fond of eating, you can also try foreign dishes at your restaurant to attract potential clients. You must ensure the food quality and presentable decoration.

  • Tourism and Hospitality

The captivating landscape and mesmerizing sea beaches of Vietnam often attract several tourists worldwide. Therefore, tourism is a flourishing business in Vietnam. You can start your career as a tourist guide. Or else, you can set up a tourism and travel business to transport tourists to several spots across the country. 

  1. Beauty and Cosmetics

The makeup and fashion world attracts females all over the world. The fashion world is lucrative and tempting for all age groups. Therefore, the cosmetics and makeup products business is growing rapidly to serve the huge demand of the new generation. Several herbal and aesthetic brands are stepping their feet in this business and deserve enough appreciation.


If you are looking forward to starting up a new business in Vietnam, try out these exceptional verslo idejosConsider your expertise and interest and choose your business field accordingly. There are several flourishing business platforms in this country. However, you must choose the one you are comfortable with. 

By Williumson

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