Philippines culture includes cockfighting. This sport is more then 3,000 years old. Many sites offer live streaming of cockfighting. Login to WPC16 com for the best view of the activity. WPC16 com will provide more information if you sign in. WPC16 com is the best place for cockfighting.

Social relations in countries are not limited to cockfighting. You can also watch other sports. Philippines fans are passionate about all kinds and sports. They are like NBA, soccer, or other sports.

The Philippines is also famously known for cockfighting. These games had a major impact on the country’s previous social relations. Cockfighting and tittle are some of the featured games. It’s popular among teens and adults.

WPC16 is now available

WPC16 is an international online platform that allows anyone to join in on games where they compete against other players. After that, the audience will place wagers on their best cock. The total prize goes to the overall winner. People who bet with cocks win the most. It’s both fun and lucrative.

The World PitMasters Cup or WPC is a fierce competition in which your opponent uses its tail against yourself.

WPC16 Competition will be ending in record time. They confirmed that wpc16.com would open in time to host the event.

The WPC16 control board is an online tool designed to keep you up to date with information about WPC 16 campaigns. WPC16 dashboard has registration policy and registration data.

WPC16 offers many benefits

WPC16 has been a thrilling tournament.

WPC16 will allow you to make more money.

It’s a good game to play when your bored.

How do I Register an Account for WPC16 Dashboard

These steps are required to create an Account in the WPC16 Dashboard.

You can visit this URL.

The registration process will be open.

It will prompt you to enter your username.

Please complete all fields correctly.

After that, you can verify the privacy policies and I will be 21 years.

Click on the Register button.

All done

Login to WPC16 Dashboard Real-Time

Google it and type “wpc16-dashboard/” in the search field. Visit the webpage.

The welcome screen that appears before you click the button “Login” will ask you for your username.

If you enter correct information, your dashboard will appear.

Now you have access the wpc16 game and can enjoy it.

Is WPC16 Online Sabong a legal entity?

A license is required to allow live Sabong. The Local Government Units responsible (LGUs), control the traditional sabong. According to the Cockfighting Law of 1976, “Cockfighting Shell” can only be done in authorized cockpits on Sundays, legal holidays or local fiestas that last no more than three days.


In the meantime, wpc16.com offers a variety of social media channels to those who want access to some of the most famous games in the world. WPC16 Instagram (and Facebook) pages are also considered.

For assistance with accessing your WPC16 dashboard please contact your website administrator. If your account isn’t approved, you will have to wait for an administrator to approve it before it can be used. Your agency may not use your account. An administrator must have access to it. This will give you the ability to view the game settings as well as the ability to place your bets.

By Williumson

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