Who is journalist Ariyaan Ashik aka Ashik Hossain?

Ariyaan Ashik is well known as Ashik Hossain. Helping people in any social work is one of his addictions. And he wants to live with this addiction. “Everyone pray for me to do good work and be a good person,” he said.

Ariyaan Ashik aka Ashik Hossain is a writer and journalist. He used to write for many online news portals from the age of 17. Currently, he is serving as publisher in an online news portal. He is interested in working here because he loves writing. He said, “Once I started a news portal, but due to lack of time I stopped it midway.”

While pursuing his education, in high school he opted for pre-engineering. At that time, he had made up his mind to study engineering. He soon realized that it wasn’t a good career choice, as he could not develop any interest in that subject. He discovered that his interest lay in Civil.

Although this can be labelled as an early success, it was far from an easy one. He worked against various odds such as no internet connectivity at his home, financial struggles and many more such factors that impeded his smooth journey and created obstacles in his path.

Although he was born a healthy baby, as a young child he developed a heart disease, which he had to battle with all his courage. Fate and good medical care saw him tiding over this crisis victoriously.

It is known to very few people that Ashik was actually underweight. He joined a gym at the age of 17 and made his way towards fitness and then gained popularity on various social media platforms.

Ashik Hossain is currently 18 years old and is a public figure. He posts various comedy, romantic and cute videos of him and is appreciated by many of his fans. His fan base began to increase day by day.

Ariyaan Ashik, remained undaunted and worked on his objectives with a clear-cut vision to achieve success. The passing years saw him work relentlessly with great dedication and passion.