The Most Unusual Cancellation Requests That We’ve Received

If you think that working as a mover for a living will ever become dull, you could not be further from the truth. It is not as simple as loading moving box after moving box and every so often a chair. There is a lot more to it than that. Nearly everyone has at least a few possessions that are unique to them, maybe even a bit peculiar or humiliating at times. Nevertheless, at some point they will all need to be relocated, and it is highly likely that when you move house you will seek the assistance of professionals. The expert movers will immediately go to work on your relocation, regardless of how strange your request may be, provided that it does not compromise the safety of either the movers or the items they are transporting.

Royal Grand Piano

The typical upright piano is difficult to move and requires the assistance of a removal agency that specialises in moving pianos. However, there is a wide variety of pianos available in a range of sizes. At one point, one of our customers asked us to transport a Royal Grand Piano, which, if you are familiar with pianos at all, is a really enormous instrument. It has dimensions of 250 centimetres by 409 centimetres and weighs a staggering 450 kilogrammes. When the movers arrived at their destination, they immediately began testing everything. They measured each and every door and window in the house. Unfortunately, there was no way to move the piano. We are going to make the assumption that the piano was brought inside the house while it was still being constructed, prior to the installation of any doors.

Because any action taken would have resulted in damage to both the exquisite instrument and the property, the customer and the moving company came to the conclusion that the best course of action would be to temporarily abandon the piano in its current location.


This was truly a remarkable event to behold! A beautiful vintage rickshaw that has two wheels and a sunroof made of fabric. The seat is padded and it is very comfortable. This magnificent thing has to be relocated.

When the movers arrived at the property, the customer had previously meticulously cleaned and coated every surface of his prized asset in preparation for the big day. The man carefully loaded the rickshaw into the van and then spent a significant amount of time fastening and stabilising it to ensure that it would remain in place for the mercifully brief journey.

Once they arrived at the new location, the customer had something quite special in store for the movers. As a token of his appreciation for their meticulous assistance in moving him, the customer decided to take them for a quick spin in the rickshaw. It goes without saying that everyone in the office was aware of their sweet gift, and we couldn’t help but feel a little envious.

A dead animal companion

Because a much-loved pet had recently passed away, the owner expressed a heartfelt desire to bury the animal in its own environment. This was a really touching and kind gesture. It is true that we are referring to an international move because the departed pet was originally from a different country before it was adopted and transported to its new home. However, due to the fact that this involved unique customs and regulations, we were unable to assist you with this particular matter.

Toys to cherish

In most cases, we recommend that our customers take care of their assets on their own, whether it be pricey jewellery, cash, or other items. Even though the moving company you hire is known for its reliability and prestige, you will still feel more at ease if you bring your valuables with you. In addition, there is no need for you to be concerned that it will take you several days of unpacking and organising before you are able to locate your preferred set of earrings.

A sofa with three seats.

A sofa with only three seats doesn’t seem like much, does it? Just your everyday pieces of furniture for the home. However, there was a catch: in order to remove the sofa, we had to do so through the balcony because it was impossible to disassemble and therefore would not pass through the stairway. The location of the property was on the ground floor.

Since the movers did not have the necessary equipment, they were unable to securely drop the sofa to the ground using ropes from the balcony. We were unable to take the risk of inflicting any bodily harm to the movers, the customer’s belongings, or the building itself; this was because we regarded the requirements of the client very highly.

Just a dress

Absolutely, that is the case. It’s only a dress! One day, we were given the request to transport a clothing that, despite its beauty, was exceedingly delicate. It was agreed that there would be at least three guys riding in the back of the van to provide support for the piece of artwork that would be displayed on a mannequin. Because of the intricate nature of the garment’s design, the vehicle had to be at least two metres long in order to accommodate it.

Unfortunately, we were unable to grant this request as it wasn’t safe to have the removal experts in the back of a van or the dress unsupported in the cargo area. Always put your safety first!

Collection of wines

There’s nothing like a glass of fine wine to finish the week or maybe even just the day. On the other hand, this one gentleman had sufficient to finish off every single day of the year with a different bottle. You can only imagine the pressure of handling so many bottles of fine collectible wines. Some came in beautiful wooden boxes with padding to support the bottle inside but others we needed to pack. One of the movers advised that they went for 3 layers of bubble wrap before placing the bottle in a box just to be on the safe side. You can never have enough packaging in this scenario.

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