Fix Epson Printer Error Code 0x97 With Expert Techniques

There’s no doubt that Epson printers are among the most reliable printing machines available on the market today. But best doesn’t mean perfect. It’s possible you could be the victim of Epson error 0x97 when you’re operating the Epson printer, particularly for a prolonged period. Error code 0x97 could be encountered at any time and without warning. If it does happen to you, don’t be stressing. Seek out Epson Printer Support. You’ll get solid solutions from top techies. Once you eliminate this issue from your computer, the printer will be able to start printing.

The majority of times, the error message will appear in the printing process, and the printer will cease producing any paper. Therefore, as long as this error continues arising, you will not be able to print with your printer. The process of printing in these conditions is a challenge. Therefore, this post will teach you about possible methods to fix this problem.

Methods To Fix Epson Printer Error Code 0x97.

Check out the suggestions below. It is guaranteed that this issue will be eliminated forever. Also, take a look at the following details:

Unplug and Plug-In

Unplug the cable and reconnect since this procedure could solve the error 0x97. Check out the following tips:

  • Open the printer and look for jammed papers. If you spot any, take it out.
  • Take out all printing cartridges
  • Unplug all cables and USBs
  • Hit the power button when the printer is not connected
  • Connect all USBs and the power cable
  • Connect your printer, and then run a tests print

Alternative Ways Of Unplug and Plug-In

  • Turn off your printer
  • Disconnect all the cables
  • Wait for 5 minutes
  • Hold and press your power button
  • Connect to power the cable with a power switch.
  • Keep the power button and press it for some time
  • Press the power button following a couple of seconds for the plugin

Wet Tissue

In certain instances, the error code could appear due to a waste of ink. Cleansing the ink waste with moist tissue may end the problem. Follow the steps below to complete the cleaning procedure.

  • Turn off your Epson printer first
  • Open the casing of the printer
  • Use a wetted cloth
  • Then move the head towards the center
  • Place that tissue on the head cleaner mechanic pad
  • Move your head towards the parking space
  • Wait 10 minutes
  • Then, remove the tissue then close everything
  • Connect the printer and the test print

Are you still struggling to eliminate this Epson Printer Error Code 0x97? Now, you’re getting blue as the printer has stopped printing. Therefore, you are determined to fix this issue. We recommend contacting Epson Support in the comfort of your home, as our technicians are always available to offer you the best solutions. Also, the nagging issues with the Epson printer will be solved at the source.

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