A Day In Life Of An Investment Banker 

If you have watched Leonardo Di Capri’s The Wolf of Wall Street, you are aware of the thrill associated with being an investment banker. It is one of the most coveted roles in New York and probably worldwide because of the high rates of remuneration and the thrill of making big moves that matter in the financial space. This, coupled with the fancy language of charts, indices, stocks, and bull markets, makes many people envy the careers of many investment bankers. 

However, have you ever thought about what it takes to be an investment banker? Here is a quick summary of what investment bankers do and a description of a typical day at work for any investment banker. 

What Do Investment Bankers Do? 

In simple terms, investment bankers trade in money. Their work is to advise clients on what financial decisions to make in the market, which stocks to sell or short, which ones to go long on or buy, and what time to make a trade, among others. In some instances, they are responsible for making decisions on raising capital for companies and issuing and selling securities. Their work mainly involves trading with other people’s money, although some investment bankers may use their capital to make trades. 

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Qualifications of Investment Bankers 

While some bankers will tell you that they trade on their gut and years of experience, qualifications are essential when starting in investment banking. Some qualifications you will need include an MBA in Finance and probably a legal background. However, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, you can be good to go. Remember, the investment banking trade requires a lot of skill and confidence in your work to avoid making mistakes that could cost clients their money. 

A Day As An Investment Banker 

Contrary to what the movies would have you believe, investment banking is not a simple game where the bankers just sit around and watch the charts, making a few clicks here and there. Their lives are enshrined in their work which may require them to make long hours. However, as you would expect, the pay reflects the work they have to do daily. 


The morning of an investment banker begins at around 9:30 to 10:00 am. However, some wake up earlier if they intend to go to the gym and work out. However, their work obligations could begin even earlier depending on the markets and what they are working on. Thus, any investment banker must always be accessible via email and check their email regularly.  

Additionally, the morning commute to work is usually dedicated to catching up on the news via different platforms. In the past, one would have to buy many newspapers. However, in modern times, all one needs is a smartphone and subscriptions to various platforms such as the Wall Street Journal. 

The morning routine is often plodding since most investment bankers work late into the night. Therefore, meetings and updates from previous trades and deals are slotted for morning hours since this is the downtime. 


After the morning meetings and slow itinerary, investment bankers go for lunch in one of the joints around the offices. Some establishments have in-house cafeterias, but the investment bankers take their meals with their colleagues from the same hierarchy in the organization unless the higher-ups invite them. However, most investment bankers go off the premises to a location they are accustomed to. Some investment bankers take more meetings during lunch to capitalize on their time. 

After lunch, investment bankers review the analysts’ various reports to ensure everything is up to par as per the institution’s standards. During this time of the day, entry-level investment bankers aim to find an edge by considering any trade they can pitch to the managerial class and make a mark. 

After reviewing analysts’ reports, investment bankers begin working on their live or active deals, which they intend to complete before the end of business or the markets close. Their active deals determine the stature they have in the organization. 


Most evenings are mundane and involve reviewing the day’s work and ensuring the work submitted to the analysts regarding the live deal is accurate. This takes up much of the evening since the expectation is that all the work must be meticulous. The day ends at around 10 pm.  

Parting Shot 

The work of an investment banker could appear simple at face value. However, the work requires a lot of skill, planning, and meticulous research to ensure that client expectations are met. Since bankers often work on other people’s money, making a mistake has significant implications. However, with the multiple levels of review, analysts can spot mistakes before any action can be done.