pharmaceutical testing instrument

Analytical laboratory equipment or instruments are used for analytical applications in pharmaceutical, food processing laboratories, chemical, clinical and oil refineries. These lab testing instruments are useful for analyzing materials and establishing their composition. The most common types of analytical laboratory equipment are calorimeters, spectrophotometers, electrochemical instruments, refractometers, colony counters, automatic density meters, fiberscopes, conductivity meters, degaussers and automatic titrators.

Today the field of analytical instruments has become more complex. Nowadays, personal computers and microcontrollers are integrated into analyzers to provide more accurate results. Few of these tools play a significant role in contamination monitoring and control.

 Let us look at the top 7 pharmaceutical testing instrument that are widely used:


This analytical laboratory device is required in the process of spectrophotometry, which is the quantitative measurement of the transmission or reflection properties of materials as a function of wavelength. This instrument is therefore used to measure the reflectance or transmittance of opaque or transparent solids such as solutions, gases or polished glass. The Spectrophotometer is used in many different scientific fields, including chemistry, physics, molecular biology, and physics. The instrument is widely used in industries such as laser and optical manufacturing, the semiconductor industry, and laboratories for the analysis of chemicals.


This device is used to measure the refractive index of liquids, gases, and translucent solids. For urine-specific gravity, body fluid concentration, salinity, blood protein, etc., the refractive index is usually measured. This analytical laboratory setup can also be used to determine how solutions, gases, or solids slow down the speed of light. This instrument is commonly used to measure the sugar content of fruits and fruit juices, milk, wine, soft drinks, and yeast cultures.

 Some different types of refractometers are:

  • Conventional Handheld Refractometer
  • Laboratory Refractometer
  • Digital Handheld Refractometer
  • Inline Process Refractometer


In calorimetry, devices measure the heat generated during physical or chemical reactions. Calorimeters come in many different types depending on the physical or chemical nature of the activity they perform.

The most common calorimeters are –

  • Titration Calorimeter
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter
  • Accelerating Calorimeter
  • Isothermal Calorimeter

Gas Detector

This is a highly functional piece of equipment, typically found in oil rigs, gas refineries, gas plants, and other places where gas is stored or produced. Its main function is to detect gas leaks in industrial sites and give alarms to prevent accidents. This is basically a safety device built into the control system that automatically sounds an alarm when a gas leak is detected. The

A gas Detector warns the operator of gas leaking areas and provides an opportunity to indicate the hazard. This is important where gases are present that are also harmful to humans and animals. The device can detect flammable and toxic gases, combustible, and oxygen depletion. The gas detectors are also used for firefighting purposes.

 Flow Injection Analyzer

 An analytical laboratory instrument is used in chemical analysis processes that are done by injecting a sample plug into a flowing carrier stream. A little of the analysis is done in the automation of frequent environmental and agricultural assays such as phosphate, nitrate, and ammonia. The

Commercial Flow Injection Analyzer is highly used in multiple industries. A prominent application of this device is the online monitoring of protein and biomass, sugar, and lactic acid during lactic acid fermentation. It is also very useful for chemistry lab presentations and helps students become familiar with flow injection analysis.

TOC Analyzer

 This instrument is used to measure total organic carbon (TOC),  the amount of carbon bound to organic compounds. This chemistry is commonly understood as a non-specific indicator of hygiene level or water quality in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

TOC is a method used in water purification processes. TOC analyzers are suitable for monitoring lakes, seas, and rivers. It is also used to support water management from public water sources, manufacturing processes, wastewater, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Oxygen Analyzer

This device is typically used in oil and gas, coal bed methane, and various industrial applications. Professional divers also use oxygen analyzers. The oxygen in the tank used by the diver is calibrated to determine the percentage of oxygen. These devices are available in a variety of elegant designs and built-in features depending on the type of application. The latest devices are equipped with innovative features such as easy-to-use touchscreen LCDs for setting, viewing trend graphs, and calibration. Others may include built-in probes and converters and may not require a sampling system.

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