How to play Teen patti to make money?

Poker has always been the favorite game of gamblers around the world. There are different varieties of the game as far as rules, number of decks of cards used, etc. One of those varieties is Teen Patti, a basic and fascinating game that originates from India.To learn more about satta king game then click here.

High schooler Patti is commonly known as the most favorite poker variation for players from India. The changed game name in English means “three cards”, yet it is also known as “blaze” or “flush”. Those familiar with 3 card poker will see Teen Patti as basically the same.

All things considered, Patti is a better form of standard poker and is played with a solitary deck of 52 cards. The hand ranking is indistinguishable as in the standard ranking, although there are certain words that are different because they have Indian names.

Anyway, Teen Patti is famous and liked by many players across the world. After that, we decided to break it down and give our viewers a valid prelude to the game. In this Teen Patti outline you will get all the data you need to get everything rolling, understand the gameplay and settle on sensible choices.

Youngster Patti is mostly presented in the form of live casino games. Presently, 10Cric brings to its table an exceptional Teen Patti game.


To play Teen Patti effectively and even win, a player must know the position of the hands. As such, they must understand which cards mix current areas of strength and which mixes are probably going to lose. Below you can find the position from most notable to least close by brief explanation of each hand:

Three of a Kind (Trio or Trail) – As the name suggests, this hand is made up of three identical cards, for example, three fours or three queens. The most notable combination of this type is three aces, although the least is three twins.

Straight Flush – Poker fans know that a straight hand is made up of consecutive cards, although the flush is made up of cards of the same suit. Obviously, a straight flush is a mixture of both and is called a pakki round on a teen patti. An example of such a hand would be A-K-Q of a similar suit (heart or spade or etc.).

Straight (Sequence) – Three consecutive cards that are not of the same suit form a straight hand. The highest hand of this type is made up of ace, king and queen, while the lowest is made up of four, three and two.

Flush (Color) – Any three cards that share the same suit, for the most part, represent a solid flush hand. If both the player and the seller get a flush, at that point, the most notable card in the mix is ​​the one that passes to the winner.

Match (Double) – Any two cards of the same position form a pair. During opposite matches it is important to focus on both pairings as well as with respect to the third card. If the pair is indistinguishable, the winner is the one who ranks higher in the third card.

High Card – Finally, the last hand is called without any coordination and is simple. At the point when neither the player nor the seller captures the pair, whoever has the highest card wins.


Like any other poker game, Teen Patti begins with placing a bet. As a rule, there is a limited amount that has to be staked before the cards are dealt. When the player has placed a bet, the seller begins handling the face-down cards.

When the player and seller accept their three cards, the next step is decided on a decision or increment. Poker players are aware of both these terms; The idea implies that the player remains in the game yet does not place his bet. Rise is adding cash to the pot and therefore taking the chance of winning one or the other or losing more than the underlying bet.

Despite this, it is necessary to point out that betting on Teen Patti is unique in relation to betting on other poker games. High schooler Patti expects all bets to be even sums; It is actually intended that if, for example, a player bets 2 coins and later another player bets 4 coins, the previous player has to place an additional 4 coins instead of just adding 2 to the previous 2. needed.

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It is fascinating that both the call and raise are often referred to as tricks on Teen Patti.


There are five distinct three-patti moves. Below you can understand each one of them, despite the fact that not every one of them is suitable for online teen patti games:

Blind play – Blind play means that the player has not seen their cards and is betting only by guessing the odds of their hand

Play or Trick phase – Players can view their cards and choose their best action whenever they want. Despite this, it is considered appropriate to look and overlay it on specific tables in a land-based club when it is your chance to play.

Sideshow – Sideshow is requesting to see other players’ cards after you have viewed yours. Nevertheless, the players reserve the privilege of accepting or rejecting that solicitation based on their process as well as the hand at hand. At that point the mentioning player has to bet to stay in the game

Tie – If not all players show their hands, this current situation will be treated as a tie, for example, the pot will be divided between the players because a winner cannot be chosen.

Show – In the event that players choose to reveal their hand, gameplay continues until everything except one player is on the table pack; that a player collects the pot. Another option is to not pack for two players, in which case the one with the better hand is seen as the winner.