Murphy Bed

A Murphy bed , or wall bed, allows you to create extra floor space by folding the bed into the wall, out of sight when not in use. You might be surprised to learn that you can actually convert any single or double mattress into a murphy bed – all you need are the right materials and tools, and this simple guide on how to make any bed into a murphy bed.

Intro of Murphy Bed

A Murphy bed is a great way to save space in your home. Named after its inventor, William Lawrence Murphy, a Murphy bed is a bed that can be folded up into a wall or cabinet. They were originally designed for small apartments, but now they’re popular in all kinds of homes. If you’re short on space, or if you just want a cool way to make your guest room more versatile, a Murphy bed might be right for you!

Preparing for the project

Before you start, gather your tools and materials. You’ll need a saw, screws, plywood, and hinges. It’s also helpful to have a drill, screwdriver, and tape measure on hand. Once you have everything you need, it’s time to get started! Begin by taking the mattress off of the bed frame and flipping it over so that the coils are facing up. Then place a piece of plywood that is the same size as the mattress (or slightly larger) right on top of the coils. Next, cut two pieces of plywood for each side of the bed; one should be cut at about three inches wider than your mattress and one should be about an inch narrower than your mattress width-wise.

Cutting with the right tools

The first step is to cut the plywood. You’ll need a circular saw and a straight edge to make sure your cuts are precise. After that, you’ll need to cut the lumber for the frame. A miter saw will come in handy for this. Just be sure to measure twice and cut once!

Measuring and aligning your cuts

The first step is to measure the mattress you’ll be using. You’ll need to know the width, length, and thickness of the mattress so you can determine how big to make your frame. Once you have your measurements, use a saw to cut your wood according to the dimensions of your mattress. Align the cuts so that they’re flush with each other, then use screws or nails to attach them together.

Installing hardware

Before you begin, it’s important to gather all the hardware you’ll need. This includes two heavy-duty hinges, screws, L- brackets, and felt pads. You’ll also need a drill, saw, and measuring tape.  First, make sure your bed frame is long enough for a murphy bed configuration by measuring from the wall to where you want your bed to be when open (include headboard). Measure out this length on the floor in front of where you plan on putting your new murphy bed so that it matches up with the measurement from the wall. Next, cut this piece of plywood or MDF board so that its size matches up with your measurements on the floor.

Completing project

You don’t need to buy a special bed to have a murphy bed – any bed can be turned into one! All you need is some basic carpentry skills and supplies, and you’ll be able to create your own murphy bed in no time. 

By Williumson

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