7 Common mistakes that happen while writing Cover Letter

Any professional resume writer will tell you that in today’s competitive job market job seekers need to take advantage of any opportunity they can get. One major way of achieving just this is to attach a matching cover letter along with your resume. However, there are a few traps readers can fall into while creating their cover letter, especially if they’re new to resume writing. 

In this article, we will be going over the 7 most common mistakes new resume makers need to take care of while creating their cover letter. Additionally, we will be looking at bad cover letter examples of the given mistake. 

  1. Passive and disinterested tone

Remember, your cover letter is a professional letter that goes over your resume. This means that even though your cover letter can contain information already present in your resume it should not be a copy of it. When writing your cover letter it’s recommended to use a more personal, personable, and subjective tone than that used in a resume. Bad Cover Letter Examples will contain referring phrases like “To whom it may concern” and “My contact information can be found..”. This makes the applicant seem distant and disinterested and this practice is simply not something that is appreciated by HR Mangers or Employers.

  1. Grammatical 

Applicants often forget the grammatical, semantic, and syntactic value of the content of their cover letter. Writing a Cover Letter just like any other writing practice is not a one-and-done process. You may need to go through several drafts to get it right. Your Cover Letter should not only look like one but the content should make sense because in all likelihood it will be read and if the reader constantly finds mistakes that they have to correct themselves then that’s not a good sign. An easy fix for this is to read your Cover Letter yourself and put yourself in an Employer’s shoes. Would you be willing to hire someone with your cover letter? If you answered No then it’s time to have another look at your cover letter.

Bad cover letter examples will often have incorrect usage or omission of essential words, incorrect punctuation, and nonsensical or contradictory terminology.  

  1. Format 

There is just one correct format for writing a cover letter which contains six elements:

  1. Contact Information
  2. Employer’s Contact Information
  3. Greeting
  4. Opener
  5. Body
  6. Closer

Failure to comply with this structure will result in your Cover Letter being all over the place and incomprehensible. So best to the rules that are the Resume Writing standard.

Bad Cover Letter Examples will often omit the aforementioned elements or have an amalgamation of the entire structure leaving the cover letter untidy and somewhat nonsensical.

  1. Dragging on 

There is such a thing as overdoing it with your cover letter and newbies often do fall into the trap of thinking the more the better. If you write a Cover Letter that elaborates on each aspect of your resume then what you’ll end up making is an extensive essay that no one will be willing to read. A normal cover letter should be a little more or less 300 to 400 words. 

Bad Cover Letter Examples will have paragraphs filled with personal information and anecdotes that no Hiring manager or employer is willing to read through. 

  1. Irrelevant information

A Cover Letter should be made with a specific job in mind and all Cover Letters should be different and should contain information about the job in question. Often applicants will try to cram in as much as possible in the given space but that is just simply wrong. Try to keep the content of your cover letter targeted and tailored to the desired job.

Bad Cover Letter Examples will have information that has nothing to with the desired job or the industry for that matter. Think about it if you’re looking for a Carpenter and call one up and a Medic arrives at your door, would that scenario fulfill your need for a carpenter? No.

  1. Wrong Cover Letter Templates

Cover Letter Templates are an easy way of making multiple cover letters in a short period however, new resume writers will often go for flash over substance and this may lead to an automatic rejection for potential employers. 

Bad Cover Letter Examples of Cover Letter Templates will be too flashy, with intensive and elaborate designs, with fancy or weird font styles and sizes. This is not good for applying for a job in a company using ATS software and is an eyesore to boot. So before choosing Cover Letter Templates to make sure they are ATS compatible and only use Cover Letter Templates that are easily readable and have a minimal design.

  1. Not using helpful tools

As mentioned before applicants in this job market can use all the help they can get and should seriously consider investing in tools that will give them an edge over the competition. The My Resume Lift Cover Letter Builder is one such tool that not only helps users create cover letters but goes through each step of the cover letter building process with the user and guides them along the way.