7 Reasons To Get Tri-fold Funeral Program Template For Your Loved One

Every family wants a perfect funeral program. Many funeral program templates look beautiful and classy. Tri-fold funeral program templates areĀ among them. You can pass it around to the guests at the funeral program. You can also post them to people who won’t be able to come to the funeral.

A funeral is incomplete without a funeral program card. It contains information about the person. You can also add some personalised items like handwritten notes. Most people keep the funeral program to cherish the memory of their loved ones. Here’s why you should consider trifold funeral programs:

1- They Are Versatile

You can use a trifold program in many ways. They are folded in three parts, and you can even use them as invitations. You can provide information about the funeral. A lot of people use these programs to provide information about the deceased person. It is a great way to showcase your love to the person. A funeral program can also be used as a memoir for later years.

2- Beautiful Looking Program Template

Tri-fold program template looks better than other funeral programs. They look beautiful, and you can choose from many options. They are a perfect way to remember your loved one during the funeral. You can distribute them to attendees who came to the funeral. As tri-fold funeral programs look beautiful, you can also send them to your friends and families.

3- More Space

The one-page or double-page funeral program doesn’t have enough space. You can not add more information. If you want to add only the name and age of death, you can go with a one-page funeral program. However, if you want to add personalised information or detail, getting a trifold funeral program is better. You can add signatures, handwritten notes, photographs, or other personal information. You can also provide details for the funeral arrangements or contact details.

4- Flexible

People can easily carry a tri-fold program. You can just fold them and put them in an envelope. Trifold brochures allow you to be flexible with your details. You can add obituaries or poems along with the message. However, if you are including any information you want people to know, it is better to add them on the first page itself. Tri-fold programs contain much information, and people might miss them.

5- Cost Effective

Tri-fold funeral brochures can help you save money. As you can add every funeral-related information on the card, you won’t have to invest in other types of cards. You can even use them as invitations. Most people think they will save more money with a one-page brochure. But, they might have to purchase or invest in other items like obituary cards or invitation cards.

6- Honor Your Loved One

Many people use the Tri-fold funeral brochures during the funeral service. It allows you to have a detailed message for your loved one. You can invite friends and families for any after-funeral services. Using the trifold funeral brochure, you can share some good stories with other people. It lets you honor the memory of your loved ones.

7- Choose From Various Options

The best part about trifold funeral brochures is that they come in various designs. You have loads of options to choose from. You can even select the deceased’s favorite color. Although most people like it to be plain and simple, you have the option of choosing from many themes. White and Coral green are among the most popular choices for the trifold funeral program template. There are various websites that offer funeral program printing services. You just have to choose a trifold brochure and give the details; they will print it and deliver it to you.


Tri-fold funeral brochures have become the preferred choice for funeral programs. As they can contain more information and details about the funeral, you can save money on other printing services. If you want a beautiful-looking funeral program, you can consider Custom Memorial Programs. You can select from a wide collection of funeral program templates. They ensure you get a top-quality funeral program.