How to start your socks business online?

Socks might be a small piece of a normal person’s closet, but it has a huge take up in the attire industry.

Do you know why the socks business is getting popular? Or why there is a huge requirement for the socks?

Here is the answer.

As per the Persistence Market research, the worldwide sock industry is witnessing continuous growth in 2021. Its sales have increased at 4.5% CAGR all over the globe from 2016 to 2020. 

If we talk about its past growth, it has risen by 15% in the previous two years. It has been assumed that by 2026 the global socks market will expand by 6%. The expansion will be due to the growing awareness for health and fitness across regions and the high rise demand for special socks.  

Due to the change in fashion trends, the socks business is set to fill up completely over the next few years. Considering the big picture-every person wears socks. It is hard to track down its market corner due to its countless styles.

Why choose the socks business?

Socks are widely used by women, men, kids, and infants. Even sports persons and athletes sometimes use custom athletics socks. 

With varieties of shape, sizes, colour, design, and fibre, it has turned into a profitable business in the garment industry. 

This business varies in various aspects such as location, target audience, pricing, platform, and distribution channel. 

You can witness there are plenty of platforms for online socks business. If you have a plan to set up your site, CMS platforms are best for you. These are the platforms that enable you to build your site smoothly. 

Choosing the right CMS platform for your socks business site is important. The best CMS platform is “WordPress”. It powers around 43% of the sites all over the globe. This tool is exceptionally easy to use, scalable and adaptable. 

You can have WordPress Support from a leading team to give you solutions promptly.

Why choose WordPress for the socks business?

As per the W3techs information, WordPress has a market share of 61.8%. The second most prominent CMS is Joomla with a 4.7% market share.

The popularity of WordPress is rising steadily over the years.

Besides this, WordPress is recognized as the best SEO CMS. It is because of the following reasons;

  • Easy image optimization
  • Focus on user experience
  • Optimized for mobile users as 54.6% of the web traffic came from mobile users in 2021
  • Smooth integration with software tools, and others.

The WordPress themes can support you to engage numerous visitors. You can build an attractive website with its layout, typography, colours, etc.

Advantages of WordPress development

WordPress development provides facilities to initiate your online business development with the content management system. The users can build a custom-made website as per their preference.

A custom WordPress development service provides businesses with a resilience solution for a site.

The advantages of WordPress development are as follows:

  1. Easy to use

WordPress has become a popular platform due to its usage. It has an automatic interface that lets you add new blogs, images, etc. The platform requires no coding skills. Its simple features such as drag-and-drop make maintenance and editing a breeze.

  1. Search engines love WordPress sites

The codes used behind WordPress are simple and clear. This makes it hassle-free for search engines to index and read the content of a site. Additionally, each post, page, etc., has its own meta tag description, keywords and titles. This allows for precise search engine optimization.

A user can use tags to further improve efforts for their search engine optimization.

  1. Smooth regulation of your own site 

WordPress lets you have complete control over every aspect of your site. You can make updates easily by yourself.

  1. Extend the website functionality with plugins

Want to add a video gallery, event calendar, and more to your website? WordPress makes it possible. You can add plugins to your WordPress site. Some plugins are free and some are accessible at a reasonable price.

  1. No requirement for FTP Software or HTML Editing

WordPress doesn’t require HTML software editing like Dreamweaver, Adobe Contribute, etc. It is because WordPress is a complete system. A user can upload images, video files, etc., without any need for HTML or FTP software.

  1. Responsiveness

Most of the WordPress designs and themes are responsive. This makes it an ideal system for mobile access. Numerous users browse the internet with their portable devices. Therefore, it is necessary to boost UX. 

  1. Fully Customizable

WordPress is a perfect solution to design a site. Any web designer or programmer can use it to have an appealing website.

There are 1000+ free website themes a business owner can choose from. If they want a sock business theme, WordPress can provide that. 

WordPress themes are modified in an easy way. It enables you to upload your logo, change colour & background, and more without any code.

Cost to develop a WordPress Website

One question is often asked by a business owner: How much cost is required to build a WordPress site?

The answer to this query is given below. 

The cost to build a website totally depends on your goals, budgets, designs and other needs. 

There are diverse factors that determine the cost of a WordPress website. These are:

  • Web hosting
  • Domain name
  • Themes
  • Storage and bandwidth
  • Security, and 
  • Plugins

Why should you hire reliable WordPress development services?

A reliable WordPress development service will handle everything, right from ideation to maintenance. You must ensure to hire adept professionals. They would be great at immediate resolutions and assistance.


For your online socks business, you will have to find a socks manufacturer for running small manufacturing. This will support you in not holding too much inventory. You can earn good profits annually with this business. 

If you want to initiate your own sock business, then you have to get creative in designing the socks.

So, it’s time to dive into the online socks business and earn well in the industry.

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Jinny Sarah Jacob is a Sr. Technical content writer at 24×7 WP Support, a leading WordPress development company that supports WordPress themes, plugins, and errors. She is a passionate technology geek at heart and loves to write blogs on marketing, technology, B2B, big data/analytics, business strategizing, etc.