How to Find the Story Writers for Hire?

Anybody could write a story but not every story can be impactful or error-free. That is why you hire a professional story writer. You can find several ghostwriters in the market to write an interesting story for yourself or you can get your story edited by those writers. People like to listen to mind-blowing stories with twists and turns and some stories are so good that they don’t want them to end. But it is not a story if it has no end. If you have a story to tell but don’t think you have the expertise or ability to write it yourself then story writers for hire are the best option.

Having a great story in mind and writing it on a piece of paper are two different things. In order to put all those amazing thoughts on a piece of paper, you need to have a certain skill set. But nobody has that much time to put in action, so the short route you can take is “hiring a professional content writer.”

Here are a few steps to finding a skillful story writer:

Search on freelance websites

There are several different types of writers you can find on freelance websites. No matter your budget, with a little bit of research you will be able to find good story writers for hire.Just scroll through and you will see their names, price plus different packages available on their profile. Freelance websites are the best place to look for what you want. You will need a higher budget to hire a professional but no worries as many with lower price points are greatly skilled as well, some of them have just joined a freelance website.

Review writer’s portfolio

Look into the portfolio provided by the writer. See how versatile the writer is, and what tone he or uses in his/her writing style? What kind of articles or stories he has written. After analyzing the data you could make your decision but before that ask him/her to write a sample. That way you will get an idea of how it is going to work out.

Specify your needs

Once you have hired the writer that you think is perfect for writing a good story, you need to specify your needs to that writer. Provide a list of requirements, and explain in detail what you want the story to tell. How it shall end and what the tone should be. IF you have any written drafts, then give those away to your ghostwriter so that he/she could work on improving those drafts. This will give the story writers for hire,inspiration.

Ask for a sample

If you cannot find any samples, then it is better to ask for a sample before proceeding. Even though the portfolio is good but after you specified your needs, you should ask for a sample. And when you see that the writer has provided a piece sample you can review it and further proceed with it if it’s good.

Building trust by offering cash upfront

Every writer wants to be appreciated for their work in the form of a price. Story writers for hire want to be compensated, no writer would work for someone for free. This is just another step you can take to build trust. Writers like to take financial risks when they are working on their personal projects but nobody would take that risk for someone else.

Look for their already published work

Scroll through their already published work and try to contact them. When you find a professional writer you can contact them through their agent. Or you can ask the agent for recommendations. Agents know if a bunch of content writers is looking for ghostwriter projects. The demand for ghostwriters is rising in the market day by day. This means the market is getting more competitive, and in this competitive market it might be hard to become a ghostwriter but it is not that hard to find one.


We have shown how you can find story writers for hire in simple 5 steps. Searching the freelance website, reviewing the portfolio, specifying your needs, building trust, and contacting through already published work: These are the things you need to keep in mind when looking for a professional ghostwriter. The market is growing at a greater rate, and it is not that hard to find the best story writer for yourself.