It is one of the hashtags that are going crazy on social media (especially on Instagram), so much so that a real craze has started: but what does it mean to be a VSCO girl ? And how do you get it?

First of all, let’s clarify immediately what VSCO is: it is, quite simply, the name of a smartphone app (which stands for ‘Visual Supply Company’). And what ‘miracles’ does this app that is depopulating? It has been a very popular photo and video editor for some months now: you can make changes thanks to a variety of presets and tools, but not only. VSCO is also a community, a virtual square to express yourself: with VSCO you can follow other creative users and find inspiration for new photos. There is a free and a paid version (with a free 7-day demo). 

But there is more, because VSCO has become a real way of interpreting fashion, with the ‘VSCO girls’, that is the most followed girls who use this app. In short, a trend that began in 2019 but is confirming itself in a great way in this 2020.

So what is the style of the VSCO girls? They are girls with a clean , minimal style, attentive to the environment (they often photograph themselves with water bottles), they love colored tails to tie their hair (‘scrunchie’) and necklaces made with shells, they prefer pastel colors, Polaroids, Vans, Crocs and Birkenstock shoes, wide t-shirts and sweatshirts possibly combined with shorts, and Jeeps (hopefully electric or hybrid, given the attention to ecology).

And, on social media, don’t be scared if you read ‘sksksksk’: it’s the VSCO girls’ way to write ‘hahahaha’, mimicking the sound of the keyboard keys. In short, a clean, basic, vaguely vintage style, and attentive to the environment. Absolutely to avoid excesses.