Every business wants to appear on the first page in search engine results. This is a high desire, and companies will spend hundreds of thousands of money to get on the first page of search engine results.

Digital marketers who can get clients on Google’s first page can charge any price. It isn’t easy, and many things must align to make this happen.

Good SEO does not have to be complicated or time-consuming. Here are some of the top hacks by the best digital marketing training institute in bangalore for improving your SEO. Although some of these are more difficult than others, they are all achievable regardless of how advanced or novice a marketer may be.

This article will discuss SEO tips given by digital marketing course in Bangalore to increase traffic on your website by 2022.

1.    Do not forget about your footer

To increase SEO traffic, people used to include more information about their products and companies in their footers. But that no longer works. It can harm your ranking, according to Google’s algorithm. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t boost SEO using your footer. It would help if you were more strategic with footer links.

The anchor text should be more descriptive and aligned with search terms that will lead people to your site.

2.    Improve your page loading speed

How fast or slow your website loads can impact how high you rank on Google. Pages that load quicker tend to rank higher on the Google search results. To improve your website SEO, you should work on website speed and Core websites. 

This tool will also show you possible ways to improve your website’s speed. You can make sure your website is fast enough to provide a great user experience by implementing the suggestions made by this tool.

3.    Encourage sharing via social media

Social media is a must for every business. If people share your content links via social media, it can help improve your SEO ranking. Adding social sharing buttons to your content is one of the best ways to encourage this. This allows people to share your content with just one click easily.

Studies have found a correlation between high social media shares and high rankings. This is a sign that your content is attractive to the audience. A social media marketing strategy can be used to promote your content and increase brand awareness. Google uses online mentions to categorize your content as relevant or not for search queries.

It isn’t easy to reach the right audience on social media today. These platforms were created to foster relationships and connect people. Social media platforms can establish partnerships with niche influencers or brand advocates. These people will expand your reach. Your website will see more people interested in your business or brand. This will result in increased traffic and more shares.

4.    Core Web Vitals

Google is constantly updating its algorithm. As search engine technology advances, it’s not surprising that Google’s strategies for ranking websites will also improve. Pay attention to core web vitals such as mobile friendliness and LCP.

These are essential areas to focus on when optimizing your site for search engines and humans. Don’t complicate things. Ensure your target keywords are naturally used in multiple content areas of your site, such as Meta descriptions and title tags.

5.    Refresh Old Content

Google released an algorithm update in 2011 called the Google Freshness Update. This update altered the way Google’s algorithms looked at content. This new algorithm prioritized newly created and updated content over older, static content. It’s easy to create content and forget about updating older content. This is especially true if it has been ranked high or generated traffic in the past.

6.    Local SEO Page Areas

Local SEO is a great way to increase your rankings. You can create landing pages that contain content to help people search for specific cities or locations. SAP makes it easier for businesses and individuals to inform people about services in particular areas.

However, having one service page for all areas is not advisable. Three pages would be better if you have three counties offering services. You might also consider creating separate pages for multiple services provided in various locations.

 Although it may take some time to set up multiple SAPs, it is a great way to increase your ranking. Even more importantly, the lead generation would be vast and specific. If your online products or services are offered, you can create pages for each feature.

7.    Tracking Metrics with Google Analytics

To date, we have only discussed SEO strategies you can use to increase your website’s ranking. How do you determine if your SEO strategies are bringing you positive results? This is why you need tracking tools. To analyze the SEO performance, Google Analytics is best. 

 Google Analytics provides metrics that will allow you to understand your audience better and create content that meets their needs. 


Search engine optimization will be critical in taking your business to the next level. These are some reasonable steps; to learn from SEO training classes in Bangalore, to begin with when looking to improve your website’s SEO reach. Once satisfied with your SEO results, you may want to dig deeper to maximize your business’s benefit.