You might have the best Rockspace WiFi extender. But, if the repeater placement is not correct, you will be compromising on speed and connectivity. That is why you must choose the best and the most efficient space to place your range extender. We understand you could be lost when it comes to repeater placement.

That is why we have created an effective guide to Rockspace WiFi extender placement. Instead of just throwing away your extender, you need to follow the right steps. After that, you can rest assured to have the best WiFi signals, optimum reach, and stronger WiFi signals. Read on.

How to Place Rockspace Extender?

Open Space

Congested spaces might look safe for extenders. However, in no way they are optimum for Rockspace extender placement. Such places are going to hamper WiFi signals. Furthermore, you might not receive signals in different corners of the house.

That is why we recommend you choose an open space for WiFi extender placement. It permits the free transmission of WiFi signals. Hence, you don’t have to worry about network connectivity when you place the range extender in an open space.

Away from Electronic Devices

Electronic devices and Rockspace WiFi extenders have one thing in common. Both radiate the same wireless frequency. That is where it becomes a common site for a clash between the devices. To make it a little easier, we recommend not placing range extenders close to electronic devices.

Further, you can also change the WiFi bands in case placing devices far away is not possible. Doing that is going to switch your wireless frequency. Hence, you won’t face issues in accessing re.rockspace.local login page.

Avoid Windows

Do you think windows are good to place your range extender? If so, think again. Windows permit WiFi signals to move out of the house. Rather than staying within the boundaries, the radiated signals lose their path and momentum.

Therefore, during Rockspace WiFi range extender placement, you should avoid windows. Doing this will ensure the home WiFi network doesn’t lose its connectivity and speed.

Close to Router

We understand that you want more network coverage. But to achieve that, you can’t just simply move your repeater anywhere you wish. The repeater must have proper connectivity with the host router. Otherwise, how will it get an internet connection?

That is why you must ensure the Rockspace extender is placed close to the host router. Doing so means the extender won’t have to suffer to get WiFi signals. Thus, you will get a properly working home WiFi network.

Higher Surface

WiFi range extenders radiate WiFi signals in a single direction. They won’t change their directions. Keeping that in mind, if you position your repeater lower, none of your devices will get WiFi signals. Hence, you can’t enjoy a seamless internet connection.

To counter it, we would advise you to place the range extender on a higher surface. Choose a place higher but not too higher. If possible, the router and extender devices should be on the same levels. It creates a perfect mesh for the transmission of data.

Avoid Metal Objects

Metal objects don’t permit WiFi signals to transmit from one place to the other. Rather, you might face fluctuations in the flow of WiFi signals. The Rockspace repeater placement close to metal objects leads to all such chaos and issues.

Thus, we would recommend you change the placement of your repeater. Keep it away from metal objects. You should choose a space where there are no metal objects. With that, you can rest assured to have the best WiFi signals throughout your house.

Mirrors Must be Avoided

Mirrors or glassed surfaces won’t permit WiFi signals to move in a straight line. Therefore, you can’t rely on the repeater to have the best reach and connectivity when placed close to a mirror. That is why you should avoid mirrors at every cost.

The placement of the Rockspace extender away from the reflexive surfaces results in the best range and connectivity throughout your house.


As you can see, there are plenty of ways through which you can perform Rockspace WiFi range extender placement. In some cases, you might have to access re.rockspace.local web address. On the other hand, you should only be considerate of the physical changes.

We hope you have done the right Rockspace extender placement after following through with the above-mentioned points. When you follow every point, you can rest assured to have the best repeater placement.