Which tools are best for AI Software Development?

Building your career in AI software development makes you wonder what the best tools for the job are, you know? Let’s head straight to the point and take a dive into the AI software development tools.

1. Google Cloud AI Platform

A cloud computing giant that provides the AI platform as well as all AI key features such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Your ML project can easily be designed and deployed to production with the help of the Google Cloud AI Platform. Portable ML pipelines can be built in the process as well.

Pre-configured Virtual Machines (VMs) are offered by the Google Cloud AI Platform for producing deep learning applications. Deep Learning VM images possess strong AI frameworks. Since the Google Cloud AI Platform has NLP features, using them can help us determine the structure and meaning of the text. Google NLP API ensures the success of the process.

It will be criminal to not mention Speech and Vision. The speech-to-text and text-to-speech APIs in the Google Cloud AI Platform help you to convert audio to text or vice versa. Similarly, Vision is another key feature of the Google Cloud AI Platform that enables you to derive insights from the images.

2. Microsoft Azure AI Platform

Microsoft Azure bears no weight of introduction as a cloud platform for AI Australia. Azure is visibly progressing along with its capabilities and is vastly considered a popular choice for AI software development. Some of the Microsoft Azure AI Platform’s key capabilities:

  • Machine Learning (ML).
  • Vision features like object recognition.
  • Speech features like speech recognition.
  • Language features like machine translation.
  • Knowledge mining.

Further Azure AI platform uses the following toolkits:

  • A Python-based ML service: Azure ML.
  • An Apache Spark-based big data service: Azure Databricks.
  • An open-source runtime and model for ML: ONNX.

Now, what exactly do you want to use Microsoft Azure AI Platform for? For these reasons:

1.  Exensive Documentation

With this patform, you can access extensive developer documentation and resources.

2.  Customizable agents and apps

For use in an application, you can use agents and apps through the Microsoft Azure AI Platform. Azure Cognitive Services include pre-trained domain-specific models. AI models in Azure Cognitive Services contain Speech, Vision, Language, and the ease you need to create bots. Furthermore, this platform is also popular for developing new software solutions and open-source machine learning algorithms and is also suitable for AI marketing.

3. IBM Watson

IBM Watson has earned its name well in AI software development. After all, IBM is a giant with advanced AI capabilities meant for both AI and Custom Software Development. IBM Watson AI solutions are specifically built for different industries like oil & gas, healthcare, advertising, media, financial services, Internet of Things (IoT).

IBM Watson provides the following capabilities and features:

  • Developer tools such as SDKs and detailed documentation are contained by IBM Watson.
  • AI-powered interfaces can be built by integrating Watson Assistant.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) features are present here and are known as Watson Natural Language Understanding (NLU).
  • IBM Watson’s speech-to-text capabilities are used on this developer platform.

IBM Watson offers the following features as well to enhance your AI software development and the cost of software development:

  • An open platform, which is taken for a key advantage especially its open-AI for any cloud environment. It is pre-trained and pre-integration into flexible information architecture. This will elevate the development and deployment of your AI software application as well as your AI marketing.
  • Documentation as it allows to access APIs and SDKs here with the help of the IBM Watson platform.
  • Developer resources and SDKs. As much as the IBM Watson developer resources are useful, what’s worth celebrating is SDKs for Java, Ruby, Swift, Python, .NET, etc. It all leads you to catch a suitable SDK for any of your AI software development projects, right?
  • Implementation of intelligent automation, which aids to eliminate the limitations of humans in an organization for the purpose of AI software development Australia.  

4. Infosys Nia

What is Infosys Nia? Well, simply put, an AI platform that we use to build AI-generated apps. Infosys also offers a considerably important list of features; some of them are the following:

  • Machine Learning. In its own prospect, Nia offers the broadness of ML algorithms operated at desirable scale and speed. Building high-quality ML models through Nia is easier, more reliable, and more beneficial.
  • Nia Contract Analysis is a capability that includes deep learning, semantic modeling, and ML.
  • Nia Chatbots are AI-powered bots developed with Nia and are commonly used for communication with the user, giving them apt information and allowing them access to the knowledge repository.
  • Nia data is a robust analytics solution that can be integrated with your AI Australia app.

Today many companies and software engineers want to create Machine Learning Systems and Artificial Intelligence using Infosys Nia. And why not? It even helps to create and deploy ML and AI systems.

Tools offered by Infosys Nia are used to productively build ML training models. That’s how research with large data sets can be conducted by this platform. With Infosys Nia, you get the most accurate set of tools to process and measure the speed and scale of processing data. Data-processing speed can be achieved as much as desirable while keeping the cost of software development in check.

Infosys Nia ensures data management capabilities as well by providing frameworks, technology, and the right structure to manage data effectively. For many businesses, data management is a challenge whether they undertake ML or AI projects. Infosys Nia adds easiness to the tasks of Software Development Australia.

There are other AI software development tools as well such as Dialogflow and BigML but currently, they are the least preferred ones out of them all the aforementioned. So, if you want to opt for an AI software development tool even for Custom Software Development, make sure it is either one of Google Cloud AI Platform, Microsoft Azure AI Platform, IBM Watson, or Infosys Nia. 

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