Royal Enfield has unveiled the new ‘Classic 350’ with a new engine and frame in its home country of India. This new yet extremely retro motorbike is available in single/dual colour paint and single/dual channel ABS in a variety of trim levels and is priced from Rs 184,374 to Rs 215,118 in India.

The new Classic 350 is reborn on the ‘J platform’
Inspired by the post-World War II G2 model, the latest model in Royal Enfield’s classic range, the Classic 350, continues the motor Royal Enfield tradition and craftsmanship in its entirety. The new class is the same as the Meteor 350 launched about a year ago.

The new Classic 350, announced by Royal Enfield, is a new model with a “Timeless Classic” makeover, including a round headlamp with a header, an engine look, an exhaust shape, and a front and rear mudguard and a teardrop fuel tank. The Classic 350 has a large, powerful and powerful engine with a large headlamp, an engine, an exhaust pipe shape, front and rear earthwork and a drop tank.

The Classic 350 is powered by a 349cc air-cooled engine with a huge cylinder base, which delivers 20.2ps/6100rpm and 2.75kg-m/4000rpm. The straight-back riding position is also based on a classic retro design.

Despite its “classic retro” appearance, the Royal Enfield also uses modern technology in terms of safety features. The Classic 350 is suspended by a 41mm diameter, 130mm travel upright fork and a six-stage preload-adjustable twin-shock rear suspension.

The dashboard layout is classic with a modern twist, with a round dashboard in the centre featuring a traditional pointer-type speedometer, an LED display directly below, a key-inserted door switch in the lower left corner and, in both Chrome Red and Chrome Bronze versions, a circular screen to the right of the dashboard that can be connected to a mobile phone for navigation information.

The Classic 350 is available in 11 different body finishes nine of which are equipped with dual-channel ABS (front and rear disc brakes), two with single-channel ABS (front disc, rear drum brakes), and two with cast aluminium wheels and the rest with vintage-looking steel wire wheels. MSRP in India starts at Rs 184,374 and goes up to Rs 215,118 (approx. NTD 70,000 – 82,000).

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