Prank Ideas By Using Mobile

Who doesn’t enjoy a good prank? Maybe the odd wuss who’s been deviously pranked in the past, but most of us can agree that, when done well, pranks are a terrific source of pleasure at the cost of your innocent individual. When is the greatest moment to tease your friends? NOT on April Fool’s Day because the element of surprise is important to mastering pranking. If you’re a techie (or even if you aren’t, for some of these), it’s time to ditch the old standbys like Whoopee cushions and chewing gum on a seat or delivering rakhi online to any stranger and join the ranks of techy pranksters who have a lot of fun while demonstrating their technological acumen. We have some thoughts, for example, sending terrifying gifts online to your friends and family to fool them by using your phone.

Five hilarious phone pranks for family and friends

People nowadays, as you may know, primarily use smartphones. Whether or not smartphone usage depends on it, what is the age of the smartphone user? If someone is so engrossed in their smartphone, why not play a smartphone-related prank on them? If this is accomplished through the use of smartphones. And if there are numerous pranks, you can make with cellphones, or how much you can use smartphones to aid you. Rather or not choosing smartphones is a wise move is debatable. Which value? If you question any person, that person will tell you the precise value. I’m not referring to the smartphone’s price.

Offer them something unusual

Change your voice and play someone selling an odd item based on your family’s offline or internet shopping habits. Does this sound familiar? Have you considered it? For instance, if your sister enjoys purchasing rakhi online, phone them and offer them an expensive rakhi with gifts for Rs. 50/- or the equivalent in their currency. Could you make an offer they can’t refuse? And take pleasure in the perplexing moment.

Act as an agent and introduce some amusing names

Come up with a clever name for the product to get people laughing immediately. Introduce yourself with an unusual name and use a normal tone to go with the strange perks. Could you pay attention to their reactions? This is one of the more gentle phone pranks we’ve come across. Make it a little stranger than expected or scary on the other end if you want a lot of adrenaline.

It’s all over the news. Be alert and prepared

Such phone pranks are common among children. Adults, too, might benefit from such phone pranks. Assume you phone your father and inform him that due to a local scarcity, running water will be unavailable for the next three days. Alternatively, you might adjust to the local situation. Give them ideas for collecting water in tanks and bathtubs. Allow them some time to deal with the inconvenience (not too long if running water is expensive), then call them back and tell them it was one of those phone pranks you couldn’t resist pulling to make them laugh.

Act like the boss or a member of the board

This is tough, but the reason for the boss’s call is entirely up to you. If the boss’s voice is too familiar to your friend or relative, ask someone on the board. It’s one of those old-school phone pranks, but they may have been putting it off because an enraged colleague wrecked their desk. Make it hilarious by acting out what happened.

Sound like a drunk son/daughter on call

No mother wants to hear this. However, if you can change your voice to sound inebriated, it may be quite amusing. You could make personal or delicate admissions, as well as humorous compliments. Plus, the easy thing about phone pranks is keeping your face as sober as possible. Finally, she’ll know you’re OK and maintain your amusing demeanor, which will increase her satisfaction. That’s pretty cool.

Final Words

Whether it’s the best prank idea or not, it’s critical to think about the feelings of the person you’re pranking. If there are any negative implications, such as damage to property, persons, or relationships, you might not want to conduct the prank. Everyone will find your prank as amusing as you do if you keep these points in mind. Adults can participate in pranks as well as children.

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These “funny prank call ideas” we presented have been tried and appear to work flawlessly. The best part is that you can play these pranks on anyone, whether you know them or not. You can also use the phone to play pre-recorded automated statements to make them sound more real to the person you’re contacting.

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