Dubai desert safari

As far as the economy of Dubai is concerned, there were no remarkable attractions that can be profitable for the country.  But nearly within 10 years, Dubai has progressed a lot. It has laid a vast network of the infrastructure of architecture and tourism. Amongst the names of these triumphs is the Dubai desert safari which has raised the economic level beneficially.

The vitality of Dubai Desert Safari

The vast barren landscape of sand is the canter of all the recreations one can dream in his life. Exquisite location, the beautiful sunrise and sunset, adventure to pump adrenaline, experience the old traditional culture are the responsible activities, that put Desert Safari on the bucket list of the tourists. Not adding desert safari in the list of tourist’s attraction, is a big cause of worthlessness. You can enjoy the desert safari with lively activities like sand dune bashing, sand skiing, parachute gliding, Quad bike ride, camel ride, experience Bedouin life style of Arabian people, and exploration of night-life in the desert with other entertainments. These are the most thrilling and delightful activities you will remember for your whole life.

The Important Things You Must Know, How to Go Ahead In Desert Safari?

Pre-Book Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari is one of the most unique and outrageous experiences, everyone must partake in.  If you are planning to travel to Dubai, it is advisable for you to reserve your desert safari online. A lot of reputed and reliable companies are helpful in this respect. They are providing considerable packages/deals to make your tour enterprising. You can have online booking through Google, WhatsApp, and call. You will also have the facility of free cancellation up to 24 hours of your booking. With the pre-booking of your Safari, you can go ahead successfully to your landing place. It will save your time and refrain you from any confusion. Pre-reserved tickets will protect you from standing in queues.

Hence, these companies provide you tour with pick and drop from your given point. You will be taken into 4WD vehicles. Before one day of your desert safari, you must talk to your operator to have information about your Safari. Whatever the time of Safaris you have selected, your trip will start with the most trained drivers/guides. The vehicles are insured and well-equipped. The guides tell the traditional stories about the place as the car wends through the red dunes of the sand.

Sand Sports

You can encounter the glory of delight on the heavy sand stretches. Sand surfing, camel ride, quad bike drive, and sand dune bashing are the nerve-racking thrills. But if you follow the instructions of the trained drivers, you can enjoy it to its height. Make sure your seat belts are fastened. Your cars have all the requirements of first aid and cage rollers. If you follow all these things, your trip to desert Safari is convenient and a big success to provide you the stuff for your memory bank. As the time passes, you have the opportunity of worth-captivating sunset. The drop back of orange-red color on the desert, with the sinking of the sun is awe-struck.

Take Cameras

Far from the noisy and crowdy city life, you will experience un paralleled allureness of the serene desert. Camel Ride with the plethora of pacific feelings is an additional to this. Here, it is the right time to seize the picturesque beauty in your cameras. Your cameras should be of high quality and sand proof.

Right Choice of Desert Safaris

Always choose the Safari, considering your desire of entertainment, your time, and of course your pocket. It is better to go for combo deals. Here are some Desert Safari packages that can make your itinerary remarkable

Overall Best Dubai Desert Tour

Premium Red Dunes, Camel Safari & B.B.Q at Al Khayma

Most Budgeted-Friendly Desert Safari

Morning Desert Safari with sand bashing, and camel ride

Adventurous Desert Safari

Parachute Gliding, Quad Biking, Camel Ride, Sand Dune Bashing, B.B.Q, and much more

Overnight Dubai Desert Safari

Red Dunes, Camel Ride with Overnight Camp

Morning & Evening Desert Safari

The early morning and late afternoon are witnessed in the desert. When the whole city sleeps, the crack of the dawn provides you a new vigor to your trip. At this time, parachute gliding stands apart from others. Soaring high in a hot air balloon over the sky with the rise of the sun is awesome. After doing all sand sports, the sun begins to sink filling the canvas of the desert with orange-red color. The sight is worth to snap. With the prevailing of night, the camp life starts—-An opportunity to get a lot under one roof. You will go through the traditional Arabian culture. A lush feast is ready on the table with belly dance, Henna painting Hooka smoking and stargazing lying in a torch-lit camp.

Hence, you can explore all these beauties, if you have selected the right safari with renowned companies.

Some Other Features

  • Kids under 5, old-aged fellows, and expecting women should avoid sand adventures, rather they must go to camel ride or camp activities.
  • Wearing comfortable clothes, shoes, and sunglasses also make your journey adequate. Try to carry light backpacks, have sunblock, and keep yourself hydrated. These are the helpful ways for you to get ahead in travel with Desert Safari.

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