concrete flatwork

When your concrete flatwork runs into an issue, you’ll need to find a great repairer to help bring it back to life. Concrete flatwork can be tricky to work with, so it’s in your best interest to find an expert to fix up any concrete damage you have. So, here’s how to find a well-established concrete flatwork repairer.

What is Concrete Flatwork? 

Before we start figuring out the best repair person for the job, it’s good to understand the details of concrete flatwork. So, what is concrete flatwork in construction? Concrete flatwork is a smooth, paved surface that is poured along a horizontal plane. 

In construction, flatwork is used for your everyday surfaces like sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, warehouse floors, pool decks, and loading docks. It’s the perfect material for buildings that need strong foundations as well. 

When done by an expert, flatwork can last for more than 30 years without requiring repairs. If you do proper maintenance and use a good sealer, the concrete will last even longer.

Many construction projects start with concrete flatwork, so if it becomes damaged, it’s necessary to get fixed as soon as possible. And here is how to find the right person to make those repairs. 

Start with Recommendations 

When you’re first looking for a concrete repairer and don’t know where to start, you should try to find recommendations from friends and family. You’d be surprised how many people in your life may have worked with contractors that can get you in touch with concrete repairers. 

If the people in your life aren’t sure, try using customer reviews and testimonies on concrete repairers’ websites. You can search for concrete repairers in your area. Then when the sites come up, look into what type of concrete repair work they specialize in, what projects they have completed, and the customer reviews of those projects. If most customers are happy with the work that their concrete repairer has done, you can proceed to chat with them about the project that you need help on. 


Once you’ve found a worker from a friend or online reference, it’s important to get to know their skill set a bit better. When it comes to concrete repair, some people have been laying sidewalks, patios, and walkways for decades. So it can be pretty simple to find someone with a lot of great experience. Your repairer should be able to pick out the damage easily and create a plan of action to fix it. 

If your concrete flatwork damage is on the smaller side, you can look into skilled contractors that are knowledgeable about small repairs. Hiring contractors comes in handy if you are working with a smaller budget or a really small repair. But if there is substantial damage to your concrete flatwork, make sure to find someone with the experience to fix it. 

Ask for References 

A great concrete repairer will be more than happy to share references with you before working on the job. Their references will be people that are knowledgeable of your concrete repair person’s skill set and experience. 

If you picked the right person, their references should be more than happy to take a couple of minutes to talk about the repairer and how they would fit in for the job. 

License and Insurance 

The next step to solidifying your concrete repairer is to check that they are licensed and insured. Licensed concrete workers will have the skills and expertise necessary to make repairs safely. 

You also don’t want to skip out on insurance when it comes to repairs. In the case of an issue or injury on the job, you’ll want your repairer to be insured. Otherwise, if they are working on your property, you could be liable to cover any injuries that happen on the job. 

Estimate and Contract

A well-established concrete repairer will be able to give you a pretty spot-on estimate when evaluating the damage to your concrete flatwork. Once the estimate is solidified, they’ll be able to bring together all of the materials needed to fix the damage. You’ll also want to sign a contract with them to ensure that they get the work done and that you will pay them for the work. 

The worst thing that could happen is that you find a seemingly great repairer with no contract, and they end up never showing up for the job. A well-established repairer will stick to their word and do incredible work on the job to ensure your concrete flatwork is as good as new. 


Hiring any contractor can feel tricky, but once you talk to a couple of different people, you’ll get a good sense of which concrete repairers will work well with you. With these tips, you should be able to have your concrete flatwork damage repaired in no time.