Alloy Wheels Showroom in Noida- Prices list, Size & Models.

A wheel is a circular object having a rim and a hub as the major parts revolve around an axle to enable it to move easily over the ground. Alloy wheels are light in weight and very tough. Choosing such wheels works on the general taking care of and execution of the vehicle. A few compound wheel vendors in Noida, Delhi offer a broad scope of top-notch combination wheels in various varieties and completions. They offer execution benefits over steel wheels, as they are many times a few pounds lighter for every wheel – less weight implies a speedier speed increase and quicker halting. Less weight likewise implies less burden on suspension parts.

Combination wheels are light in weight and very sturdy. A few alloy wheels dealers in Noida, Delhi offer a broad scope of excellent combination wheels in various tones and wraps up. 

Ideas Offered By Alloy Wheel Dealers

Combination alloy wheel dealers in  Noida, I give an extensive variety of composite wheels for explicit tyres sizes and vehicle or bicycle models. A portion of the advantages of making a buy from composite wheel sellers are:

• They give direction in choosing the combination wheels set.

• They offer great wheels at serious costs.

• You can profit from trade offers on organization-fitted wheels.

• A few vendors even give free wheel fitting administrations.

• You have a choice to choose from different compound wheel brands.

 Alloy Wheels Cost 

Alloy wheels are very costly because of its intricate creation system. To purchase a composite wheel you should pay half more than you would for a steel wheel. It is a result of this, that vehicle producers don’t highlight composite wheels in their lower-end financial plan vehicles (reducing expenses. Alloy Wheels are currently available for sale at starting price of Rs 4.50 Lakh for cars. The most popular cars with Alloy Wheels in India are Mahindra Scorpio (Rs. 13.54 – 18.62 Lakh), Maruti Brezza (Rs. 7.99 – 13.96 Lakh), Mahindra Thar (Rs. 13.53 – 16.03 Lakh) including SUV, Hatchback, MUV, Sedan, Pickup Truck, Coupe, Convertible, Luxury, and Wagon.

The price of alloy wheels is determined by the size of the wheel, quality, and brand, as well as the type of design and number of spokes on the wheel. The approximate price of a set of 4 alloy wheels starts at Rs. 16,000.

How do alloy wheels affect your car’s performance and size?

We all love to customize our cars and one of the first things we think of is changing to alloy wheels. However what alloy wheels we should go for, what size we should go for etc are things we get confused with. Here we take a look at what alloy wheels are, what they do for your car in terms of performance, and how you can choose the right set for your car.

Different sizes and profiles of tyres along with other things affect the handling, acceleration, and ride quality of your car. Alloy wheel’s price depends on their size.

     Given price details as per wheels sizes.

                   SIZE                    PRICE
15-Inch (Set of 4 alloy wheels)Rs. 25,000 – 40,000
16-Inch (Set of 4 alloy wheels)Rs. 28,000 – 50,000
17-Inch (Set of 4 alloy wheels)Rs. 35,000 – 70,000
18-Inch (Set of 4 alloy wheels)Rs. 50,000 – 1,00,000
19-Inch(Set of 4 alloy wheels)Rs. 55,000-1,50,000

Advantages of Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels decline unsprung weight and in this manner communicate less latency to the springs, subsequently permitting the suspension to follow the landscape all the more effectively, accordingly giving a better grasp. What’s more, taking care of, directing, and cornering sees a noticeable improvement.


Composite wheels are lighter when contrasted with steel wheels. A lighter vehicle will consume less fuel. It is the reason many individuals even take out the extra wheel. It is straightforward material science. More power is expected to move weighty items. Then again, low power is expected while moving light articles.

Motor Durability

Lower weight implies that less strain will be applied to the motor. This can significantly work on toughness and productivity. In any case, it doesn’t imply that the steel wheel will diminish toughness. All things considered, the producers complete long periods of testing. The fact that alloy wheels are better makes it as it were.


The lightweight additionally comes down on the suspension. Consequently, you can partake in an agreeable ride.

Speed increase

A lighter vehicle implies a quicker speed increase. You could have found in films or expert races that vehicles have the absolute minimum. Indeed, even the rearward sitting arrangements are taken out. This is finished to work on the speed increase and mobility. As amalgam wheels are lighter, they work on the speed increase.

Appearance and Customization

A standard steel wheel comes in a similar plan regardless of the vehicle. Then again, the combination wheels offer various plans and other customizations. In the event that you need a more customized look, combination wheels are clearly the ideal decision.

Heat Resistance

Combinations have preferred heat obstruction capacities over their steel partners. In this way, harm to the vehicle’s slowing mechanism or wheels from heat is far-fetched.

The disadvantage of Alloy Wheels

We have discussed the advantages but is only fair that we inform our readers about the disadvantages too.


Composite wheels are a piece costly when contrasted with steel wheels. For an individual whose sole intention is to get from point A to B, steel wheels are the more sensible decision. On the off chance that you are worried about appearance, speed increase, heat obstruction, and so on then decide on amalgam wheels.


In spite of the fact that compounds are more diligent than their steel partners, the equivalent can’t be said for amalgam wheels. They will more often than not break effectively under tension and can’t be fixed. To put it plainly, you should purchase an exorbitant new one.


Additionally, they are more inclined to corrective harm. Indeed, even straightforward tire/wheel cleaning things can harm them. Thusly, consistently select items that are viable with combination wheels. In the event that you are uncertain, you can continuously counsel an expert.

How are alloys different from steel wheels?

When we purchase low or even some mid-end variant of a car, most manufacturers offer us regular steel rims or wheels. While these wheels are well thought of and are provided keeping in mind the best blend of comfort performance etc they do not add to the aesthetics of the vehicle. Steel wheels can take a decent beating and can for the most part be pounded once more into shape regardless of whether you harm them. They are additionally heavier and typically more modest as far as their measurement and width than composite wheels.

Popular Brands of Alloy Wheels

Well-known composite wheel brands incorporate OZ, HKS, Aura, NeoWheels, Plati, League, HR, Lenso, Enkei (normally accessible as second-hand), Prestige, and so forth. The stunt here is getting an incentive for cash amalgam which looks great also. Presently while brands like OZ, HRS, MOMO, and Enkei are of excellent quality they are additionally more costly. Brands like Aura, League, and so forth provide you with the smartest possible scenario; they are accessible at reasonable costs too.


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