It’s about a time when you have to go for your heart surgery. Are you confused about what to do before surgery?

In this article, you will get to know what preparation you need to do before your surgery. This small guide not only gives ease to your mind but also helps you have better surgery.

For example, somebody suffering from heart disease known as Mitral Valve Regurgitation. In this type of heart valve disease, the valve that is present between the left heart chambers does not close completely, which leads to the blood leaking backwards toward the valve. At the time it is minor, it would not affect your life, but once it gets severe, you need to see a doctor and there is a higher chance the doctor will ask you for heart surgery. In the surgery, the surgeon might shape and rebuild or trim flaps that open and close the valve, or he may fix the chords that are attached to your heart. For such heart surgery, some measures need to be taken by the patient and the patient’s family. Like admitting the patient, a day before the surgery, continuous monitoring, and having the medicine provided by the staff.

Here Are Three Tips On How To Prepare For Heart Surgery

Get Admitted A Day Before Surgery

Once it is determined that you have a heart condition, you will need surgery to be cured. The doctor will ask you to get admitted a day before the surgery. It helps the doctor monitor your condition. If your condition is not suitable, surgery may be postponed further. During the stay in the hospital, take the bath before going to bed at night and bathe on the day of surgery with the special soap provided by the hospital. It will help to reduce bacteria on the skin. Get enough sleep the night before surgery. Due to being present in the hospital on time, everything will take place smoothly and there won’t be any panic. Medicine which is prescribed by the doctor should be taken regularly.

Have A Balanced Diet

It is very important to have a balanced diet before surgery, especially in severe cases like Mitral Valve Regurgitation. Your diet should include a sufficient amount of fruit and vegetables. Avoid having junk food. Try to have warm and balanced food. In some cases, patients are required to starve before surgery. The medicines that you will receive before and after surgery may affect your bowel movement. It is advised to prune before and after surgery.

Vitamin D, which we get through exposure to the sun, needs to be given to our body. Once a day for 4-6 weeks, which will help in your recovery. Alcohol and smoking can affect your surgery and may increase heart complications. So, reduce your intake of alcohol and quit smoking at least 6 weeks before surgery.

Honestly Talk To Your Family

Any member of the family who is about to get surgery, the whole family will be under stress. It is required to talk to your family openly and honestly regarding the surgery process. Also, appoint a person who will stay in touch with the doctor and provide an update regarding the surgery to the whole family. Ask your family to do all the important preparations that need to be done before surgery.


By doing some preparation before surgery helps in any way in the process of surgery then we should perform it seriously.

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