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What is an online business and why is it popular?

Any kind of business which happens over the internet is known as an online business. It could a product, service, etc.

Nowadays, online business is a necessity rather than a tool. Everything and anything could be done over the internet like booking tickets, ordering food, consulting a doctor, etc. For a company to grow, they have to have an impactful presence online Like Learn Free Coding Tutorial For Beginners by CodeExampler.

Why is it so popular?

  1. Less investment, High Returns :

Starting up an online company costs very less and it could offer high returns. It cuts the cost of middlemen, renting or buying a physical shop, and maintaining assets.

  1. Flexible timing :

One can work on his business any time of the day, literally 24 hours if he can. As they say, the more you do the more you get.

  1. Wide Market reach :

This could be one of the greatest advantages of online business. A company can reach any part of the world with the power of internet connectivity.

Which are the Best websites to promote local business online:

  1. Leads4needs: Leads4needs is a free local business listing directory for promoting local businesses online and getting free leads and searching all types of local businesses and directly calling on owner number
  2. Pgwars: Pgwars is a free PG business listing directory for promoting paying guest business online and getting free leads and searching all types of PG and checking room prices and directly calling on owner’s number
  3. Google Business: It is the major search engine used in India which could be used to promote and locate your business online. It helps to share and reflect local business information over the search engine after a relevant search.

Online vs Offline Business –

Offline business is when a product or service is being so sold from a physical outlet or shop. If we compare both businesses, online is winning by a huge margin in the above points. Some other comparing words would be.

  1. Trust: This is an important factor for any business. In offline business, trust builds only by word of mouth. But in online business, there are many means to build trust like customer reviews, affiliate marketing, engaging influencers, etc.
  1. Availability: A physical outlet would be giving its service for a limited period but an online business is available 24 hours a day.
  1. Customer Retention: It’s comparatively easy for an offline business to retain its customer rather than an online business as it is a highly competitive area.
  1. Advertising: Offline business has fewer advertising options like print on paper, flyers, or brochures. Online business does everything online like infographics, social media marketing, and video marketing. They have a wider range of methods to select from.
  1. Customer Support: This is a place where offline business wins, having customer support in person is far better than a virtual one but online business is adapting every day to improve their support.

Few ways to generate free leads:

  1. Enhanced SEO: Its means optimizing your website to get it to appear on top of the list of the search results page. Getting your website optimized is critical because if you don’t reflect on the search page, how would you get leads?
  1. Web Design: It should be vibrant and nice to look at. Your website should be easy to use and not just bombarded with information.
  1. Blogging: Having a blogging channel on your website shows the authority and informative nature of your website. Every customer wants someone who knows their stuff.
  1. Social Media Marketing: Having a relevant, impactful and cool presence on social is a great strategy to grow leads. Every potential customer is using social media and it’s a good space to provide relevant information about your business.
  1. Influencer marketing: Collaboration with a relevant and popular influencer is a great strategy. It increases your reach to great heights.
  1. Email Marketing: Sending promotional and informative emails to current and potential customers can also help in generating leads.
  1. Seminars or Podcasts: This is a relatively new but highly effective method for generating leads. An informative and interactive seminar can help a lot.

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