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Sauces are the supporting characters of the cooking story that helps to give a perfect finish to the food. And they have been used since ancient times to enhance the flavor and aroma of cuisines. Moreover, various types of sauces including ketchup, chili sauce, Worcestershire sauce, pasta sauce, oyster sauce, and mayonnaise are also used to spoon various types of snacks and fried items. The reason is that sauces include numerous ingredients and have the ability to make the food more delicious and appetizing. 

Sauces are considered crucial kitchen ingredients. Because they are used for multiple purposes such as marinating the meat, kitchen, or vegetables, topping over salads or snacks, and as a dipping sauce. The best side of different types of dips and seasonings is that they are easy to prepare at home. And also does not take a lot of time, money, and effort.

Have you not ever tried a homemade sauce? Let’s try these recipes and add some delicious homemade sauces or dips to your kitchen. 

Garlic Dip 

This is the perfect dip to serve with stir fry vegetables, chicken, and meat items. And you can also serve appetizers, snacks, and salads. The tangy flavor of garlic with the strong aroma of coriander is the perfect combination to enjoy this sauce with barbecue cuisine. It’s easy to prepare and takes only 5 minutes. 

The ingredients of this delicious dip are:

• Mint leaves half cup

• A bunch of fresh coriander 

• Green chilies 10-12

• Salt for taste 

• Olive Oil 

• Garlic cloves 10

To make the dip wash coriander and mint leaves. Let them air dry. Now take all the ingredients in a blender and blend till smooth paste. Add olive oil to set the consistency. You can also alter the number of chilies and garlic according to your taste or quantity. 

Store in a sterilized and airtight jar. Keep at room temperature. 


Made with eggs and vegetable oil, this white dip is extremely delicious. And used as a topping, spreader, and dipping sauce for salads, burgers, sandwiches, and barbecue items. You can easily buy it from a nearby grocery store. However, it’s quite easy to prepare at home. The ingredients are very simple and easily available in all kitchens. The ingredients include:

• Egg white of 2 large eggs 

• Olive oil half cup 

• Salt

• Black pepper powder 

• Mustard powder (optional)

• Lime juice ¼ cup 

Take all the ingredients into a blender. And whisk till a smooth creamy mixture is obtained. If you do not like mustard you can skip this ingredient. Store in a clean, dry, and airtight container. Keep in the refrigerator. You can use it for up to one week. 


This International sauce is the most common and widely used ingredient. It is used with almost all types of cuisines, snacks, and barbecue items. It is the best alternative to spreaders and tomato paste in sandwiches, burgers, and other appetizers. Moreover, you can use it as a marinade for chicken, and veggies. The price of ketchup is so reasonable that you can easily buy it. However, you can also prepare it at home. The ingredients required are:

• Fresh and ripe tomatoes 

• Water 

• White vinegar

• Salt 

• Celery salt 

• Black pepper 

• Mustard powder

• Garlic powder 

• Onion powder 

Crush the tomatoes in a large cooking pan. Add all the other ingredients and cook on high flame till all the ingredients mix well. Allow simmering till the mixture reduces to half. Blend to a smooth paste after cooling adjusts the salt, and store it in an airtight jar. 

Honey Mustard Sauce 

This extremely yummy and creamy sauce is the best marinade, dip, and dressing for numerous food items. Its sweet and tangy flavor brings a unique taste to the cuisine. To prepare this delicious sauce you need: 

• Mustard 

• Honey 

• Garlic cloves 

• Vinegar 

• Mayo

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and then blend to make a smooth paste. 

Store in an airtight and sterilized jar. Make sure to keep it in the refrigerator for a fresh and healthy taste. 

Hot Chili Sauce

This extremely delicious hot chili sauce is a perfect dose for spice-craving souls. Despite serving with barbecue and other snacks you can also use it to add different foods for boosting the spice and flavor of the food. Its ingredients are:

• South African red chili 

• Dry red chilies 

• Garlic 

• Salt 

• Olive Oil 

Baked garlic cloves and south African chili in the oven for two minutes. And then whisk all the ingredients to make a smooth paste. Store in an airtight container and enjoy more heat and flavor.


All these sauces are extremely flavorful and easy to prepare. Let’s try some this weekend and boost the flavor of your cuisines without spending much money.

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