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VSI International School is recommended as the Best Play School in Jaipur by many parents. Children here are provided with a rich learning experience, the best infrastructure facilities, and abundant opportunities. The environment here is friendly, hygienic, and safe for children. You can get your kid enrolled in this school. Admissions are still open for the year 2022-23.

Interactive Learning Methods in Academics

VSI International School believes in using different and interactive methods of learning, especially for pre-primary children. Some of the ways used at this Play School in Jaipur are:

  • Charts and diagrams: Visualization works better for kids rather than text. They learn and memorize what they see. That’s the reason why their text-books are filled with big colorful images and why it fascinates kids. The teachers at VSI International School use many charts which have diagrams so that students can learn better.
  • Learning through games: Play is the method of learning. Kids love playing because their mind is at ease when they are playing. Teachers at VSI International School organize new games that facilitate learning. They also use puzzles, toys, and mind games.
  • Storytelling: In the case of kids, stories are more engaging for children. Teachers use stories that help kids stay attentive in the class and remember the new things they are taught.
Play School in Jaipur

Activities beyond Academics

VSI International, the Best Play School in Jaipur, plans various activities for your children besides the academics. These activities are added to the kids’ schedules so that they don’t feel too overwhelmed at once.

  • Dance: Your child can learn different forms of dance styles at VSI International School. They can participate in the cultural events held at school. 
  • Music and Singing: Students here get the chance to start learning musical instruments at an early age. Music is also a fun activity that relaxes children from day-long learning.
  • Art and Craft, Painting: Creative activities like these in the playschool will build your child’s creative mind and skills. The teachers always guide students on using art and craft or painting material. They encourage children to imagine and create their art pieces.
Activities beyond Academics
  • Abacus: VSI International School is the Best Play School for your child because it teaches the initial level of Abacus in the pre-primary classes. It helps kids develop their mathematical calculation skills and speed. 
  • English speaking classes: When students start speaking correct words from an early stage, it develops a habit of pronouncing words appropriately. The teachers at VSI International help children build their confidence and public speaking skills, and they don’t face difficulties in the higher English classes. That is why it is the Best English Medium School in Jaipur for your kid.
Activities beyond Academics

Facilities for children at the Best Play School in Jaipur 

VSI International School is recognized as the Top Play School in Jaipur because it ensures your child is in a comfortable environment. 

  • Puddle pool: The special puddle pool at the school gives students the chance to enjoy summers in the cool water and playtime with their friends.
  • Innovative Classrooms: This preschool in Jaipur uses a different concept of designing classrooms for children. Here the classrooms are not only colorful but also painted in themes of nature and animated cartoons. Don’t you think your kid would love that? Have you thought how happy your kid will be when he/she attends a school that feels like a dreamland? The kids here are fascinated for the first time and then wish to stay there for some more time.
Activities beyond Academics
  • Indoor playrooms: Like home, this Play School in Jaipur has special indoor rooms filled with toys and games. Children together play and enjoy their time in between the academic classes. Games like building blocks, puzzles, brainvita, and many more are also available, helping in the mental development of children.
  • Outdoor Playground: At VSI International School, there is an outdoor playground with many swings and slides. There is also a garden at this Play School in Jaipur where children can play other games. 
  • Conveyance: The school has many buses for providing conveyance facilities for children. These buses are entirely safe as there is a GPRS system installed, and the school does a thorough background check of all staff members.

How is VSI International School different from other Play School in Jaipur?

There are many preschools/Play School in Jaipur, but VSI International is the No. 1 choice for your kid and the Best School in Jaipur. Why? Here are the reasons why it is different and the Best Play School in Jaipur compared to other schools in Jaipur.

Playtime every day: Continuous learning can bore the children and reduce their attention span, that is why at VSI International School, has some playtime allotted every day for kids.

Parent-teacher communication: At this Play School in Jaipur, you will find that significance is given to parent-teacher communication. The teachers pay attention to each student and their behavior and progress in the classroom and discuss how they can grow and develop better with their parents. 

How is VSI International School different from other Play Schools in Jaipur?

Friendly and Safe Environment: This school has a very friendly environment, where your child will feel comfortable. There are CCTV cameras installed to ensure the safety of students. Every teacher and other staff working at the school go through a background check. The teachers look after each child under their supervision, so no child feels neglected. VSI International will always make your child feel safe and comfortable. It is the Best School in Jaipur. 

Clean surroundings: The school authorities make sure that the classrooms, washrooms, and the surroundings are always clean and hygienic for children. The teachers explain the importance of cleanliness and teach the values of maintaining good hygiene in students.  

2022-23 Admissions Open

VSI International School is accepting registrations for new admissions for the academic session 2022-23. You have to fill and submit a form. The fee structure is also very affordable here; another reason why it is the Best Play School in Jaipur.

For more details regarding the registration forms, admission procedure, important dates, and fees, you can get in touch with the school administration.


Phone numbers: 0141-2793080 and 9309305656

Email id:

Address: Sec. 5 Pratap Nagar, Tonk Road Sanganer, Jaipur, Rajasthan

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