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The impact of social signals on a website’s search rankings is a topic of continuous debate. It does, however, impact ranking factors, such as traffic. In this post, you’ll discover important information about social media and how it affects your SEO.

5 Things You Need to Know

Drives Traffic

It is well known that traffic has a significant impact on SEO. social media marketing company in Columbus may affect the number of visitors to your website since it expands the audience for your content.

Encourage your audience to share your content with their networks because a better page rank is correlated with more traffic.

According to a case study by CognitiveSEO, the customer noticed a rise in ranking for the term “Google photos” from position #74 to #8 in just one day. This dramatic rise in ranking came after a rush of 20,000 unique Reddit visitors.

Google ranks profiles.

Your social media activity will also impact your search engine results. They frequently show up on the front page of branded searches. Making and optimising social media accounts for your business might help it rank higher in search results and get more visits to its website.

Take a look at how the Facebook page for Texas Auto Center performs in a branded keyword search. It comes in considerably behind the local packs. Additionally, you may see the page’s star rating and review snippets.

It improves content reach.

Social networking is a fantastic tool to reach as many people as possible with your content. People often utilise a keyword while using a search engine for hunting for anything. However, using social media will put your content in front of those who weren’t even aware they needed it.

More people will see your content, improving the quality of your traffic and impacting your outcomes. Matthew Woodward experimented to see how well he could rank for the keyword “unhealthiest foods.” Although he used a backlink approach, social media sharing had the most significant impact.

Once it was published online, it was spread over the internet until George Takei shared it. His post received more than 16,000 likes and 8,800 shares. The material was swiftly boosted to the top of the search results for the appropriate term. This highlights the effectiveness of social media shares, particularly those pushed by well-known online personalities.

If you can’t persuade one person to promote your content naturally, you might be able to identify others who are open to the idea. You may use tools like Influence. Co to locate prominent individuals in your business. To know if they are a suitable fit for your brand on this platform, you may look at their history of working with other businesses.

Social media is a search engine.

Search engines aren’t the only sources of information that people use. Social networking systems’ built-in search capabilities are so sophisticated that they can eliminate an external search engine requirement. People could encounter your social media page, profile, or content as a result of a search engine.

Some search results for the term “content marketing plan” had captions optimised with the phrase, as you can see in the accompanying screenshot.

Utilising relevant keywords to optimise your social media accounts and content is crucial for growing your online presence. To examine how you stack up against the competition for specific keywords and to learn which of their terms are driving the most traffic, use a program like SpyFu.

This can help you decide which keywords to use to make your content more discoverable in social media search results, which can increase traffic to your website. For better search engine performance, include these words in the bios and captions of your social network pages.

Local SEO

Social media might influence your local SEO efforts in a few different ways. By now, you should know the importance of your company’s NAP (name, address, and phone number) for appearing in local search results. The NAP information on your website, local listings, and social media profiles must be consistent. 

If the NAP information is consistent throughout your listings and website, Google will view your company as more credible. Additionally, it could assist you in moving up the local company listings.

You may add location data to your Stories and posts on social networking sites. Doing this could expand your local audience and enhance your profile. You’re likely to observe an increase in neighbourhood foot traffic. Instagram enables users to search for geotagged content near them.

The reviews on your social media sites may draw local customers to your company. Eighty-six per cent of consumers consistently read internet reviews before making purchases, according to a BrightLocal survey. You know that social media profiles and review snippets are featured in search engine results. People in your neighbourhood who may not otherwise be inspired to check out your social media may get interested in you.


These factors show how crucial social media is to your SEO strategy overall, even if it has no direct impact on search engine rankings. The main advantage is that it generates traffic by increasing awareness of your company and its content. Your YouTube videos and online profiles will also appear in typical search results. Therefore, for a successful SEO strategy, these parts must be optimized for search engines. For your business, our experienced Columbus local SEO services can perform a range of local SEO services.

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