Surfing anonymously might seem like a utopia in the guarded world we find ourselves in, but with the right tools we can mask our public IP (resulting in a different IP than ours) and bypass the limits imposed on our network (for example, bypass a proxy company or a government monitoring system, for countries with severe navigation restrictions).

Surfing anonymously is the right of every connected user, so we have decided to collect in a single guide all the useful and effective methods for surfing anonymously on the Internet , using the best proxies and VPN services dedicated to the purpose. By using one or more tools like lanc remastered (even simultaneously) we will be able to protect our identity when we visit obscured or blocked online services, overcome the limits for services that impose a single IP address, limit control by the telephony provider and, most importantly , to maintain privacy.

Surf anonymously with a VPN Proxy

Using a VPN as a navigation proxy, we will be able to obtain a new IP address (even a foreign one), use an encrypted connection that cannot be intercepted by the provider or anyone watching us and browse at a very good speed (obviously depends on the service and the number of servers offered. ).

To obtain good protection when we use a VPN Proxy, we recommend that you always choose foreign servers and avoid using Italian servers (which, being on Italian territory, comply with Italian laws on privacy and seizure of material for investigation purposes) .

The best free VPNs we can install on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS are:

  1. ProtonVPN : one of the best VPNs because we can use it without time and data transfer limits, but which only provides 3 servers for free on which to choose our new IP address; also available for Android and iOS.
  2. Windscribe: another fast VPN with 10GB of data included in a month, which allows you to choose a greater number of outgoing servers; also available for Android and iOS.
  3. Hotspot Shield free : very fast VPN with 500 MB of data included every day and numerous exit servers to choose from; we can also download it on Android and iOS.
  4. : another fast VPN with 2GB of monthly traffic included and numerous exit servers to select from; also available for Android and iOS.
  5. Avira Phantom VPN : directly from the manufacturer of a famous free antivirus for PC we have a fast VPN with 500 MB of traffic included (1GB by registering for an account for free); also available for Android and iOS.

These three are without a shadow of a doubt the best free VPN services, even if there are limitations (servers do cost, so having everything for free and without limits is not possible). If we want to try other best free VPN services and programs to surf safe and free .

If, on the other hand, we are looking for maximum speed and no limitations, you should focus on paid VPNs , so you can take advantage of this type of anonymous connection without having to think about data traffic limits and the limited number of servers available.

Surf anonymously with an Onion Proxy

Another effective method to surf anonymously on the Internet for free and without any kind of limitation involves the use of the Tor network. It offers a good degree of security, thanks to multiple layer connections (hence the name, which means “onion”), encrypted up to the exit node (which will also provide us with a new public IP different from ours).

To be able to use Tor on our computer, all we have to do is install Tor Browser , based on Mozilla Firefox and available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.

Once installed, all we have to do is establish a connection with the Tor network, choose the exit node (we can also let the system do it automatically) and start browsing completely anonymously.

Compared to VPNs , browsing on the Tor network is enormously slower , since the various nodes that make it up are offered on a voluntary basis. We can still visit the pages that we will not normally be able to visit with our public IP, carry out secret and anonymous searches using the DuckDuckGo search engine (already integrated in Tor Browser) and visit the pages with .onion address (the non-indexed pages that make up the Tor darknet).

Other methods of anonymous surfing

If the first two recommended methods did not allow you to browse in complete anonymity or at the desired speed , below we will show you other good free methods to browse anonymously on the Internet.


AnonymoX is a free extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome , easily installable and usable on any PC or Mac, with which we can choose a Web proxy to use to browse incognito.

With AnonymoX we can choose the proxy to connect to to disguise our IP address on the fly, without having to install any program and without connecting to any external network. It also identifies the sites that block proxies, thus allowing you to browse sites with geographical restrictions and not available in Italy. AnonymoX is probably the easiest and most efficient solution to browse anonymously, but we will have to choose proxies that are fast and secure enough to be able to browse safely.


SafeIP allows you to protect your identity on the internet and hide your real IP address to browse the web anonymously.

With this program installed on the computer, users can choose the geographical location of the fake IP quickly and easily, choosing from numerous Web proxies made available by the program (present in the USA, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Hong Kong, Austria, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands and also from Italy).

If we are looking for other web proxies to exploit, we advise you to read our list of proxies so that you can set one on your browser, reading the instructions in the guide on how to set the proxy on Chrome and Firefox .


Surfing anonymously is possible, just choose one of the methods we have shown you above to be able to mask our IP, hide our network activity and overcome geographical or national limits and blocks. We currently recommend trying the free VPN services right away, and if you have any further problems, try the Tor network or the other methods described.

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