Fixed Deposits are financial investment vehicles offered by banks and non-bank financial institutions where you can deposit money at a higher rate than a standard savings account and earn a higher interest rate. It is considered one of the safest long-term investment options, and a Fixed Deposit can help you safeguard your savings. 

It is also easy to calculate the Fixed Deposit maturity amount using the FD interest rates calculator. It delivers a continuous flow of interest profits compared to other hazardous choices such as stock investments or mutual funds. Fixed deposits are one of the greatest investing options for those seeking a guaranteed return. 

Keeping money in an account with a bank for a specific amount of time earns you an assured interest rate. This sort of account is called a fixed deposit. Fixed Deposits are a simple approach to generating returns on idle capital. However, how do Fixed Deposits operate, and why does the bank offer a greater interest rate on these deposits? You can comprehend by using this practical guide.

Short term FD

To invest money and receive a specific rate of interest, banks or non-banking financial institutions provide fixed deposits. A fixed deposit account offers you a better rate of return than a typical savings account and fixed deposit maturity amount can also be calculated by using FD interest rates calculator. An FD account might mature from seven days to ten years. A short-term fixed deposit’s maturity period ranges from seven to twelve months. Interest rates on fixed deposits vary from bank to bank and are subject to change.

What is the process of a 3 Year Fixed Deposit?

Banks offer Current Account and Savings Account services. However, the holders of these accounts have unlimited access to their funds. There is no minimum balance requirement for current accounts, and it is impossible to determine their level. Banks need a recurring sum of money to distribute as loans. And providing Fixed Deposits is the ideal approach for them to raise this cash.

A fixed deposit blocks the amount of money for the duration of the deposit. Banks allow depositors to invest their money for terms ranging from 7 days to 10 years. The length of time the funds are deposited with the bank determines the interest rate on the deposit. 3 Year Fixed Deposit work similar to 1 Year Fixed Deposit or 10 Year Fixed Deposit. However, the longer the Fixed Deposit tenure, the higher the interest can be earned on the amount invested.

The depositor cannot withdraw the money before the payment due date. Some banks provide the option for premature withdrawal, although the interest rate is lower. The principal and interest are credited to the depositor’s bank account on the day of maturity by the bank. Therefore, before choosing, you must understand the type of investment and its benefits. Using the FD interest rates calculator, you can estimate the investment amount and the interest you will earn to help you make a definite choice. 

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