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You may want to hire a tile roof repair contractor for several reasons. These roofs are both visually appealing and eco-friendly. Tiles are made of recyclable materials like concrete or slate, and they overlap so that rainwater cannot penetrate. However, a damaged tile roof could compromise the integrity of the entire building. Whether the roof is made of clay or cement, you need to hire a specialized company to handle tile roof repairs. Listed below are some benefits of hiring a tile roof repair contractor:

Terracotta tiles are heavy and brittle

When installed on the floor of your home, terracotta tiles give a warm feeling. These tiles are available in a wide range of colors and sizes. They create a work of art and will withstand the wear and tear of adverse weather conditions. However, the main drawbacks to these tiles are their weight and brittleness. Also, terracotta tiles are hard to put in place and will need a portable roof cover to keep them safe.

Although terracotta tiles are relatively heavy and brittle, their sustainability benefits can’t be disputed. Its life cycle entails six distinct steps. During production, the terracotta tiles produce a wide variety of waste, including VOC emissions, water, particle matter, dust, broken tile waste, and dust. This makes them a good choice for greener homes, but they come at a cost-and that’s not something anyone should take lightly.

They are resistant to fire

A trained professional can help you determine whether your new tile roof will be resistant to fire. The International Residential Code offers detailed guidance regarding the resistance of roofing materials to fire. Class A asphalt shingles, for example, can withstand fire that burns through wood structural components for two hours. Because they are inexpensive and relatively fire-resistant, they are the most commonly used roofing material in non-fire-prone areas. But, there are other considerations that you should keep in mind.

For homes in high-risk areas, clay tile is a fire-resistant roofing material. It is used in Spanish, mission, and Southwestern architectural styles. However, barrel-shaped tiles are susceptible to fire. The fire protection offered by these tiles is limited, and they often have gaps between the tile sheathing and the underlayment. Even if the tiles are Class A, embers can reach structural support beams.

They are resistant to rot

When choosing tile roofing for your home, make sure to find a company that specializes in roof repairs. These roofing materials are resistant to rot and fire, which is a big plus for homeowners. However, they are still vulnerable to damage from heavy debris or people walking on them. A professional roofer can help you prevent further damage to your home by making the necessary repairs. To get a quote for roof repairs, click on the link below.

They are resistant to insect damage

Tile roofs have a distinct advantage when it comes to insect damage. Although the material is resistant to termites, they can still gain access to the house. A qualified tile roof repair contractor will seal up any openings where pests can gain access. Cal Roofing Systems, Inc. is one of the best companies to call if you suspect your roof has been damaged by pests. Here are some reasons why you should call a contractor for tile roof repair:

They are resistant to earthquakes

An earthquake is a series of short movements that move the earth’s plates apart. The Earth’s plates can move up and down as well as sideways. This is particularly dangerous because a building may not be structurally sound if it shifts sideways. This is why it is important to hire tile roof repair contractors with expertise in seismic safety. This will help you avoid costly repairs or the loss of valuables.

While no building is completely earthquake-proof, certain roofing techniques and materials are designed to make buildings seismically sound. Steel, for example, weighs only about a fourth of the weight of an asphalt roof. Steel and aluminum are also both more earthquake-resistant than other major roofing types. Large metal panels also have greater structural value than small tiles, which makes them more stable during an earthquake. If you’re in the Seattle area and want a roof that will withstand the quake, you’ll want to consider hiring a tile roof repair contractor.

They are durable

If you are unsure whether or not tile roof repair contractors are durable, it helps to consider the following factors. While tile roofs are incredibly durable, they are susceptible to cracking under heavy impact. This means that homeowners with nearby trees should consider another type of roofing material. Because tile roofs are very low-maintenance, it’s easy to forget to schedule repair work. While you’ll need to call a tile roof repair company if your tiles are broken, sagging, or leaking, most repairs can be completed within a few hours.

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