In 2022, a kitchen that was made in the 2000s is unfortunately outdated. This year is the perfect time to take your kitchen and spruce it up with some modern twists. Whether you just want something new in your home or you need to spruce it up to sell, here are five kitchen upgrades to consider in 2022

1. Smart Appliances 

One of the best ways you can upgrade your kitchen in 2022 is to outfit it with modern appliances. These days, there are endless amounts of smart appliances you can choose from. 

One of the most popular smart appliance options are smart fridges. You can connect your fridge to your phone to help you create shopping lists while you’re looking for that missing ingredient. 

You can also invest in smart ovens. This way you can start preheating on your commute home from work. No more waiting around to get dinner on the table.

There are endless smart appliances to help make your kitchen perfectly modern. 

Smart appliances are one of the more expensive options for upgrading your kitchen. However, if you want to make your home flow better with your lifestyle, or create more value for potential buyers, investing in smart appliances is the way to do it. 

2. Fresh Light Fixtures

A light fixture can swiftly change the vibe of your entire kitchen. If you only had one overhead lighting piece before, you’ve probably been doing a lot of your cooking in the dark. 

A great way to upgrade your kitchen for 2022 is to get flexible lighting fixtures. These are lighting fixtures that can be easily moved around to light different parts of your kitchen. 

You can also add different light fixtures around your kitchen to illuminate different spots. Multiple lighting sources also create more intrigue to the design of your space.

Try investing in smart light bulbs that connect to your phone. These let you dim and brighten the lights or change the colors right from your phone. 

The right lighting can turn your kitchen into a hot spot in your home too. So get ready for a gorgeous dinner party with your new lighting. 

3. Get Organized 

A great way to bring your kitchen up to speed with design trends is to add organization to your cabinets. Organizing cabinets are set up to make it easier to find everything in your kitchen. Pull-out cabinets make grabbing cook-wear easier than ever. 

Inside your cabinets, you can add removable organizational systems. These include pull-out organizers so you don’t have to go digging for the perfect pan to cook with. You want to make sure that all of your kitchen essentials are easy to find and use. 

Be sure to check out this guide to kitchen essentials to figure out how to stock your kitchen and get it organized for optimal use. 

4. Gorgeous Countertops 

If there is one place that you will want to splurge with updating your kitchen in 2022, it’s on your countertops. Kitchen islands are getting longer this year and certain materials are more in demand. 

Quartz countertops still reign supreme as one of the best choices for countertops. If you are updating your kitchen, you will want to consider adding a kitchen island or expanding one that is already there. 

And when you do that, make sure to go the extra mile and add the quartz countertop. It will perfectly elevate your kitchen and bring it up to speed. 

5. Switch Up the Cabinets 

Over the past couple of years, the green kitchen has been all the rage. And it looks like that trend is here to say. Whether or not you decide to paint your kitchen cabinets green is up to you. But sprucing up your cabinets with interesting details is another way to upgrade your kitchen in 2022. 

Consider painting your cabinets a bold dark green, navy blue, or creamy gray color. If pops of color aren’t your style, you can instead use bold natural wood colors for your cabinets. Making them flat and monotone is a great way to keep them on trend in 2022. 


Now that you know some of the trends for kitchens this year, you should be able to easily take some steps to elevate your kitchen for 2022. While some of these renovations are bigger tasks, it’s worth it to upgrade your kitchen. Whether you just need to freshen up your home or want to add value for a potential sale, you should try some of these tips to create the kitchen of your dreams.

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